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Friend? Do you even know my real name? It's Revolio Clockberg Jr. I belong to an entire species of Gear people, calling me Gearhead is like calling a Chinese person Asia-Face!
~ Gearhead lashing out at Rick

Gearhead (real name Revolio Clockberg Jr.), is a recurring character in the Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty.

He initially starts out as a friend of Rick Sanchez, but in the episode "Mortynight Run", he turns against Rick when he learns that Fart was worth millions and tries to kill both Rick and Morty.

He returned at the end of "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender", and was once again friends with Rick, though he seemingly dies trying to flee from an alien invader.


Gearhead makes his first appearance in the episode "Ricksy Business" as one of Rick's party guests. He talks about the Gear Wars to both Rick and Morty, and later sings a song about it.

He returns in "Mortynight Run", where he is seen repairing Rick's spaceship. However, when the gear police arrive at the scene to arrest Rick and Morty, it is revealed that Gearhead sold them both out. He reveals that he never liked Rick, and that "Gearhead" is a racial epithet. Rick kicks him in his "gearsticles", and takes them out, switching them with the gears in his mouth.

He makes his final appearance during the end credits of "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender", wearing a Vindicators jacket and using it to try and pick up girls. When an alien terror attacks occurs, however, he runs off into an alley, but as he is running away, he trips and falls apart, possibly leading to his death, although this is debatable.


  • His name is comically-inspired by real-life actor/politician Antonio Sabato, Jr..



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