When I'm done with you I'm gonna pay Redstone a visit!
~ The Gearhead Boss

The Gearhead Boss is the Leader of the Gearhead clan bandit and a boss featured in RAGE.


The Boss uses a reddish version of one of the standard Gearhead models armor black with red Light Red Overall uniform Red Costume wielding helmet when fight You can Hear a Foot Step of boss like a Robo Stomp.


Decked in a red armored suit, he leads the Gearheads across the Wasteland and rarely enters combat. He carries a shotgun with rounds similar to the Pop Rockets ammunition, making him very dangerous.

The Shotgun used by the Gearhead Boss acts similarly to the Rocket Launcher. The player should consider using a heavy weapon or ammo, such as the Rocket Launcher or the Pop Rockets to kill the boss.


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