Gecko Imagin

Gecko Imagin: One of Gaoh's minions, the Gecko Imagin served his master in fighting the multiple incarnations of Den-Oin the Climax Scene.

Kai created another Gecko Imagin, one that teamed with another Newt Imaginin overpowering Den-O Plat Form until Climax Form is accessed. Despite help from the Newt Imagin, he is successfully repelled and subsequently defeated in due part to the teamwork of the Taros Imagin.

Another Gecko Imagin is amongst the massive army of Imagin that faces off against Zeronos Zero Form in the present time as part of Kai's plan to ensure the future of the Imagin.

Movie War 2010

Gecko Imagin revived and Join Super Shocker army.

Superhero Taisen

Gecko Imagin revived again and join Dai-Shocker army. Later, Rider Hunter Silva of Dai-Zangyack and Doktor G of Dai-Shocker overthrew their respective leaders and joined forces to destroy the Kamen Riders and Super Sentai. The two evil organizations united and faced off against the combined forces of the Sentai and Riders. He is seen fighting GaoBlue, DekaGreen, and GekiRed.

Superhero Taisen Z

Gecko Imagin revived and Join Space Shocker army. However, he is killed by Kamen Rider Beast.

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