Geddon is an evil organization whose members feed on human blood and the main antagonists for the first half of Kamen Rider Amazon. They were originally based in the Amazon before moving to Japan.



The Geddon organization was formed in the jungles of the Amazon, coming to Japan to pursue Amazon as they need the Gigi Bracelet to enable its leader Gorgos to rule the world.

Badan Empire

Geddon's Centipede Beastman was one of several monsters who were revived to serve the Badan Empire led by the Great Leader, now known as the Generalissimo of Badan. The Beastman was one of several monsters destroyed by Badan's own Space-time Fracture System.

Shocker Greeed

In an alternate timeline caused by Ankh leaving a O-Medal behind in the year 1971, Shocker achieved its goal of dominion of Japan with the Shocker Greeed. Geddon, represented by Llumu Qhimil, was among the various organizations that forms a partnership with Shocker.

World of Amazon

Geddon also exists in the A.R. World of Amazon, where it is fought by an alternate Kamen Rider Amazon. By the time the Hikari Studio arrived in this world, it was taken over by Dai-Shocker, with the leader of Geddon, Ten-Faced Demon Llumu Qhimil, serving as Dai-Shocker's designated ruler of the World of Amazon, developing the mindset that Kamen Riders are the enemies of the human race, rather than Geddon. He has the GaGa Armlet and seeks Amazon's GiGi Armlet to gain their full power and use the unlimited ancient Inca powers to complete his master plan of converting humans into monsters. Though he gains the GiGi Armlet, he loses both it and the GaGa Armlet to the Kamen Riders with Decade Complete Form weakening him with Faiz Blaster Form before Amazon destroys him with the Super Dai Setsudan.




Geddon Beastman

Geddon's Beastmen are based on animals, insects, and arachnids. Geddon creates its Beastmen by abducting people and taking them to the Beastmen modification room. There they are transformed into Beastmen by going through cybernetic surgery using incan science and magic. Gorgos can also create Beastmen using the power of the Gaga bracelet. Among the Beastmen are:

Allied Organizations



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