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Gege is the Great King Boccowaus's mechanical pet crow and the secondary antagonist in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, the forty-fifth installment of the Super Sentai franchise.

Whilst being his master's pet, he also serves as Boccowaus' personal advisor and uses strategies to win his master's support on his own agenda.

It is later revealed that he is actually a host for the series' overarching antagonist, "God" who created the parallel worlds and is using the Tojitendo to advance a mysterious agenda.

He was originally voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who previously voiced Usada Lettuce in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. He is now voiced by Masaya Fukunishi.


Gege made his first appearance beside Boccowaus when the latter was berating Ijirude for his stalled progress in conquering the final world in their multiverse conquest. Gege then made an advice to his master that they just invade it with their ground forces and expand the Tojitendo's territory, much to Boccowaus' delight as he petted Gege. Boccowaus then appointed Barashitara to lead the invasion.

Upon witnessing the Geartozinger Ijirude invented be used by Stacey to overpower the Zenkaigers, Gege commented on how Ijirude was able to build it in such a short time.

When Boccowaus furiously pounded his fist upon hearing that Twokaizer was still on the loose, Gege told him to calm down and noted that Ijirude was already working on a countermeasure to him. Boccowaus then inquired if the Zenkaigers and Twokaizer teaming up would be a problem, but Barashitara stated he found the Zenkaigers joining forces with Twokaizer to be unlikely. He was proven to be right when Zox Goldtsuiker refused to join the Zenkaigers after the defeat of Great Noon World, opting to instead operate on his own.

During Barashitara and the Onigokko World's report to Boccowaus on the progress of their plan, upon seeing how many people the World had managed to tag Gege commented that he had drawn a lucky Tojiru Gear.

Gege was present when Barashitara reported to Boccowaus about his plan involving Recycle World. Upon hearing of Barashitara's scheme to use fake Tojiru Gears to get the Zenkaigers and World Pirates to fight each other, Gege then commended him for making use of intel Ijirude looked over.


  • Gege is the second mechanical bird after Secchan in the same series.
  • Like the previous second-in-command of a Super Sentai main villain, Yodonna, Gege is a crow-themed villain.
  • He is the second Sentai villain who (formerly) shared the same voice actor of a Buddyroid in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. The first one was Galza from Mashin Sentai Kiramager.
  • In July 30, 2021, Gege's original voice actor, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, was caught cheating on his wife and singer LiSA with another fangirl of his, and has yet to comment on the controversy. Afterwards, Suzuki and LiSA have entered hiatuses in the light of these news.
    • The scandalous effect had also affected Gege's role in Zenkaiger, snuffing all of his lines and reducing him into either fully silent, or just chipping "gegege" and cackling (using the previous archival recordings) from Episode 22 to Episode 24 (there were implication that Gege still communicate in human language offscreen).
    • From Episode 25 onwards, Masaya Fukunishi became Gege's new voice actor.


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