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Geira is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star, a fat boss of a hunting agency loyal to Jakoh.

He was voiced by the late Tetsuo Mizutori in the anime.


Geira is first seen when Ein beings in two bounty targets worth 8,000 each. When Geira offers a chest as reward, Ein insists on stripping the slave girls. One of the Imperial troops brings in prisoners who are promised a full pardon if Kenshiro is slain. Ein defeats the prisoners, impressing Geira.

Just then, Geira is warned of Kenshiro's presence outside. After a short fight between Kenshiro and Ein, the fat bounty leader is surprised by Kenshiro's prowess.

As the Hokuto Army close in, Geira's henchmen flee leaving the bounty leader to complain no one pushing his chair, just as Kenshiro confronts the fat man. Although not looking forward to combat, he walks out of his seat, and is annoyed by his own breath as well. Geira then waves pendulums and blows a noxious gas out of his mouth seemingly putting Kenshiro under his control. It seems to work as Geira orders Kenshiro to shine his shoes with his tongue; Instead, Kenshiro had resisted the control by covering his nose so he kicks Geira in the foot instead.

Geira attempts to try his brainwashing technique again, but Kenshiro hits him on the head with a Ganzan Ryozan Ha, and pierces his index finger into his brain. Just then, Geira's breathing is non-functioning as Kenshiro hit the Zen-Ha powerpoint. After a few seconds of struggling to breath, Geira collapses and is bodily blown apart.

Powers and Abilities

Geira relies on hypnotism to make enemies fall under his control and blows noxious gas out of his mouth to make them obey his will.


  • In the anime, Geira is given blue hair and made slightly obese.


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