Gek 'Lhar was an Elite member of the Covenant Remnant. He fought and died during the Second Battle of Requiem.


Born on the island of Alytocs, just off the nothern shores of Kaepra, the Elite field commander known as "Gek Lhar" served for decades during the Covenant's campaign against the humans, only to watch the military powerhouse crushed under the weight of the Great Schism. In 2558, Gek greeted Jul 'Mdama, the leader of the Covenant Remnant, at the shrine of the Librarian. Jul had brought Henry Glassman who offered assistance for his life. Gek was giving the task of guarding Glassman as he worked. Lhar was then informed that the assault of Galileo Base was a diversion for the humans. He was later ordered to persue Dr. Henry Glassman and Spartan Gabriel Thorne after the two escaped. After finally catching up to his targets, Gek was shot and killed by Paul DeMarco.


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