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Geld (in Japanese: ゲルド, Gerudo) is a minor anime-exclusive villain and the main antagonist of episode 111 in Fist of the North Star, and an officer of the Celestial Empire. Being a regular fighter of the Celestial Empire, Geld can use a guandao and a sword with effective usage

He was voiced by Yūsaku Yara.


Geld leads his troops on a crusade to wipe out the Red Dragon group who rebelled against the Empire. The first hunts down a man named Helken and punches him fatally into a wall. Geld then warns as long as the people do not rebel, everyone is happy.

Before leaving though, Geld spots the enigmatic Kenshiro who is resting under the Red Dragon's care. Thinking he might have met him somewhere, Geld simply kicks the defenseless Kenshiro and leaves thinking he should be left for dead.

Geld then leads an attack on the Red Dragon hideout, killing many of its members while searching for Muhari, who had scarred Geld's face in the past. Geld and Muhari then clash with the former using a guandao, but the Red Dragon warrior's illness gives out, allowing the officer to cut down Muhari easily.

While celebrating his victory, Geld learns the remaining Red Dragons have begun their own counterattack on his hideout, but the resistance is quickly losing. When all seems lost, Kenshiro arrives to save them.

Muhari's son, Haru meets with Geld in his chambers and prepares a suicidal dynamite attack. Just as Geld is about to slice off Haru's hands, Kenshiro breaks in revealing his Hokuto Shinken abilities, forcing Geld to show his wanted poster of his enemy. The general then tries to swing his guandao at Kenshiro, but it breaks. He then tries a sword but gets several punches to the face from the Man with Seven Scars.

As he gets up, Geld is angry that his enemy would punch him just as Kenshiro points out he is already dead. Before he can react, Geld's body bulges and is blown apart.


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