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Gelga is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star. He is a hostile village leader and a bandit.

He was voiced by the late Yū Shimaka in the anime.


Juza had lead an off-screen raid on his village and took Gelga's girls for a bath. The ladies in a panic called out to Gelga who lead a gang to Juza's castle. Whilst daring Juza to fight him, Gelga charge up to use his Taizan Hadatsu Go to make shockwaves against the womanizer.

Juza claims that Gelga might be proud of his arm and the village bandit goes for another punch, but the Nanto Goshasei cloud fighter twists Gelga's arm to the point where it is useless. As Gelga can't see Juza's moves, the young man grabs Gelga's neck with his legs and bends him until his stomach is ripped open.

In the anime, Gelga instead leads a one-man assault on Juza's home to reclaim his women. Some of Juza's gang tries to fight back, but he demands his women be returned to him. Juza tries to get Gelga to leave, but this leads to a small fight. After Juza bends Gelga, the bandit suddenly explodes presumbably because of some cloud energy sent into him.

Powers and Abilities

Gelga uses Taizan Hadatsu Go to use superhuman strength and projectiles on foes.


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