Gelos is a minor antagonist from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She works for the Criasu Corporation.


A tall woman, Gelos has green and red hair and yellow eyes with a mark under her left eye. She has a purple shade under her eyes and wears lipstick. She wears a red and black dress with a yellow cape she often hangs on her shoulders.


With a dislike of positive emotions and a fear of becoming less beautiful, Gelos desires to remove Jinjin and Takumi due to her own reasons, but bars out people who care for her well-being, resulting in her mental state slipping. Gelos wants to stop time to stop herself from aging, but Jinjin and Takumi manages to purify her by convincing her that even when old, she'll still be loved.

Powers And Abilities

Similarly to her workmates, Gelos can summon a person's Prickly Powerer by saying "Hope for tomorrow, begone! Negative Wave!", and can transform it into a Mou-Oshimaida by saying "I'm ordering you! (Mou-)Oshimaida!"



  • Gelos sometimes adds English words or sayings into her speech.
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