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Yes, no one questions planes that says U.S. Air Force. 747 is filled with one hundred dollar bills. A beautiful site.
~ Gen Soon to Jason Wynn.
Gen Soon is a minor antagonist in Season 3 of Todd McFarlane's Spawn. He first appeared in episode "Chasing the Serpent". He is one of Jason Wynn's associates and head of the Triad.

He was voiced by James Hong.


The Mask

Wynn arrives at a unknown location somewhere in China Town. He tries to get information from Major Forseberg, whom was locked up as a prisoner. Later, he enters in a underground place meeting his associate, Gen Soon. While talking about getting Hong Kong back from the Chinese by giving them access to US military technology, Wynn asks Gen for help, Gen offers him his best men whenever. But as soon Wynn tells about Genghis Khan's mask and Zhang Lao, Gen shows fear and warns Wynn about Zhang Lao saying he is a witch. After their meeting, Gen order his two best men to take Wynn to meet Zhang Lao. After that, it remains unknown what happened to Gen Soon.


He appears wearing a dark blue business suit with a red tie. He is also appears to be older than Wynn, possibly in his 60s or 70s.


Gen Soon is a calm, polite, and kind businessman, whose shows honor towards others such as Wynn during their meeting. He seems to be afraid of Zhang Lao, upon hearing stories about him.


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