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"I just remembered that exhausted Ohu leader at my brother's territory. My brother was telling me that he was thinking about something interesting. (Minion: What is that?Test Stepping. (Laughs) You must step on Gin's backbone in front of my brother to prove whether you're a real comrade or enemy."                                                                                                                                                        ~Genba on his brother Hougen, and                                        Gin, showing his sadistic nature.

Genba is a secondary villain in Ginga Densetsu Weed, appearing in the Hougen Arc. He is Hougen's younger brother and the co-leader or 'Number 2' of Hougen's Army.

He is voiced by Masami Iwasaki.


Like his brother, Genba is a harlequin Great Dane with a huge size and black patches on his white shorthair fur. Unlike his brother, he lacks scars and has long, drooping ears, instead of short, cropped ones like that of his brother. In the manga, he gains a scalp on the forehead from Akame. His eyes are blue in the manga and hazel in the anime. 


Genba, like his brother, was incredibly brutal and aggressive, although a little less intelligent. Despite his high strength and aggressiveness, he was quite dependent on his brother and despite being a co-leader, seemed to act more like a minion or official under his brother, preaching his brother's ideals rather than his own. Still, Genba could act on his own from time-to-time and could be especially reckless and impulsive, even in front of his brother. He also lacked the cunning and scheming side of his brother, not being able to do much of a complex planning; however, he wasn't completely brainless and could sometimes correctly guess or predict the actions and plans of his opponents, thus launching surprise attacks on them.

Compared to Hougen, he was more laid back and had a strong sense of humour, albeit a dark one, even in the least favorable of situations. However, he was also extremely sadistic in his sense of humour and attacks, laughing madly at the pain of his opponents and the brutal methods of insult and torture used on them by his brother and wanting to slowly suffocate his victims to death for his own pleasure. Like his brother, he was a pervert and even went on raids to gather female dogs from nearby areas for him and his brother.

Despite all his brutality, he still admired and cared about his brother in a great deal and he was possibly the only person he ever actually cared about. His brother also loved him quite a lot and they took oaths that whichever of them died first, he would die by his brother's jaws.


Genba was born with his brother in a desolate shack in the Northern Alps of Japan with eighteen inmates. The owner of the dogs, a criminal being chased by the police, was unable to return for years and thus Hougen and Genba, from their very childhood had to face extreme hardships and resorted to brutality to survive, cannibalizing all their inmates out of hunger. The owner returned after a few years and as he opened the door of the shack, the one-year old Great Dane brothers attacked, killed and ate him. In the manga, they also attacked two policemen trailing the criminals, injuring one and killing the other. The brothers' large proportion of brutality and aggressiveness stemmed from this very incident. However, their love for each other was very strong and they took the oath of dying in the other's fangs, whoever died first.

The following years, the brothers gathered a huge army of 400 dogs to fight the humans and Genba moved with his share of 200 to Niigata. The brothers targeted the Ohu Mountains, also known as the Dog Paradise, in North Japan, to become their main headquarters, where they could raise the number of their soldiers, since it was known as the Dog Paradise and so many dogs came to it. They came up with a brilliant plan to invade Ohu, which involved Genba directly going to the Ohu Mountains with his army of 200 and capturing the Ohu Army's Territory. After Hougen successfully kidnapped two of the Ohu Army's leaders and thus lured the majority of the Ohu Army into coming to rescue their leaders, Genba attacked Gajou with his army from Niigata, killing the most of the soldiers of Ohu remaining there. Akame, the only Ohu Army leader who managed to escape Hougen, alerts the remaining soldiers, including Mel and a kai-ken family of four brothers and their uncle Kurotora.

Genba approaches them with his army at nightfall during a snowstorm and gives a final warning to the remaining soldiers to hand over Gajou, the main fortress of the Ohu Army. Kurotora, while taken aback by the size of Genba's army, still refuses to back off and instead tells his nephews that together they will fight through Genba's army and whoever survives will go to Mutsu to alert the allies of the Ohu Army. He then proceeds to laugh on Genba's face and insults him, causing Genba to lose his temper and launch a full-fledged attack on the group. The kai-ken brothers push Kurotora away and has Akame, Mel and their uncle escape while they remain to fight Genba's army. Despite being only four in number the brothers do quite a lot of damage to Genba's army but still three of the brothers, Shouji, Buru and Dodo are pinned down and Buru and Dodo are killed. Shigure, the only brother to evade the army, instead runs straight into a surprise attack from Genba, who had guessed their plans correctly and pins him down, slowly suffocating him and joking about his pain. However, Shouji manages to fight off the soldiers pinning him down and knocks down Genba, giving Shigure a chance to escape, which he takes, while Shouji himself remains to fight Genba. Shouji injures Genba's neck and in his fury, Genba lifts him up wit his jaws and smashes him down, killing him. 

After the battle is over, Genba comes over to see the corpses of the three brothers and comments on how they died laughing at their killers. When one of the soldiers mentions how they died with dignity, Genba proceeds to insult them by throwing their corpses over into the river, calling them 'trash' before laughing in victory. 

Genba sends out a message to Hougen, alerting him that Ohu has been captured and Hougen sets out with his minion, Kamakiri and the rest of his army for Ohu. Genba sends out a bunch of his minions to gather females as a welcome gift for his brother and personally goes to greet him once he arrives. However the minions return empty-handed and Genba in an impulsive rage, orders Kamakiri to kill them, but Hougen stops him, coming up with the more creative way of dealing with the sitatuion by simply gathering strong soldiers and pitting them against one another to finally decide who's the strongest, making the strongest ones generals and having one of them accompany Genba during another raid to gather females. In the manga, Genba had an encounter with Akame before the arrival of Hougen, where Akame warns him not to mess with the humans of the local area, but Genba refuses to listen, causing him to get his forehead scalped by Akame. 

The two brothers gleefully watch the bloodshed between fighting dogs and pick out their four low-ranking generals. Toube, a Tosa or fighting dog, accompanies Genba with a small army, in his raid to capture females for himself and his brother, as they are watched from afar by Akame, Kurotora and another dog named Hook. However, Genba runs straight into Shigure and the Ohu Army's allies from Mutsu, who were returning back to Ohu and attack Genba's army. Kurotora, Akame and Hook also join the fight and Kurotora and Shigure attack Genba to avenge their deceased relatives. However, they are overpowered and shaken off and Genba pins down Akame and tries to apply his sadistic torture of suffocation on him. However, Weed, the Ohu Leader's son arrives with more soldiers from the Ohu Army, having been alerted by Mel and the Ohu army begins to get the upper-hand in the battle. Genba challenges Weed, but is interrupted by Tesshin, another Ohu soldier, who calls Genba an 'underling'  and says he should fight him instead of Weed. Genba mocks and then attacks him, but Tesshin, being a ninja-dogs, uses the techniques he had mastered to cover Genba with deep slashes and cuts. A minion of Genba's alerts Hougen about the situation and Hougen sends over Kamakiri and his army to rescue Genba. Genba and Toube are cornered by the Ohu Army, where Genba maintains his humourous tone despite the situation and while Weed offers him a chance to surrender, Genba refuses it vigorously. However, as Kamakiri's army arrives, Genba gets back his courage and in an impulsive attempt at revenge, attacks Tesshin and pins him down, trying to suffocate him. However, Shigure attacks and kocks Genba away and Genba is cornered at the edge of a cliff by the two dogs. Tesshin offers Genba one last chance to surrender, which Genba refuses and thus the two dogs jump onto Genba to avenge Shigure's relatives, pushing all the three of them over the cliff and rolling down it as a strong blizzard starts. The three roll over to the bottom of the cliff, where Shigure and Tesshin jump away and Genba falls and hits his head on a rock, damaging his brain.

After the blizzard is over Kamakiri and Toube go with their armies and dig up a brain-damaged Genba from the snow and are shocked to see his state. The manga and anime offer two different downfalls for Genba which are both similar in spirit but different in details:

  • In the manga, Genba's back legs become paralyzed and he is carried back to Gajou by Toube. He gains intellectual disability, failing to recognize anyone, even his own brother and loses his senses, urinating and then drinking the urine, unaware of what he is doing. 
  • In the anime, Genba goes completely insane from the brain damage and becomes uncontrollably hostile, attacking his own soldiers and then his own brother, biting onto him. 

In both versions, Hougen, horrified at what has happened to his brother, tearfully bids his brother farewell before delivering a coup de grace to him or mercy-killing him. In the manga, he rips out his brother's brain, while in the anime, he firmly grabs hold of Genba's head and then snaps his neck. Hougen then mourns his brother's death, having lost the only person he ever cared for and caresses his brother's corpse. 

In the aftermath, Hougen kills all the soldiers who went on Genba's raid as a punishment for their failure, including Toube, although the fighting dog doesn't quite die. In the last episode of the anime, Hougen, after defeating Weed, laughs in victory and asks Genba whether he could see his victory from the afterlife or not, indicating that he still remembers his brother as the most important person of his life. However, this victory is short-lived.


  • In the anime, Genba has a more dry voice and a high-pitched and maniacal laughter, in contrast to his brother, whose voice always sounds wet and demonic and whose laughter is vile and low-pitched.



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