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Fuck you, Simmons! I lied about Star Wars...I actually prefer the prequels! Hahaha! I'm gonna Darth Maul this and come back in a shitty video game!
~ Gene vowing vengeance.

Gene is a supporting antagonist in Red vs. Blue: Season 15. He is a member of the Blues and Reds, a faction of Simulation Troopers much like the Reds and Blues.

He is voiced by Gustavo Sorola.



Like the rest of the Blues and Reds, Gene had a rather carefree life stationed at Desert Gulch. Much like the Reds and Blues, their misadventures were often harmless in nature. But during a grudge match between Tex and Carolina, Biff, one of their teammates, was killed in the process. Years later, they learned the Simulation Troopers were nothing more than test subjects for Project Freelancer. Armed with this knowledge, the Blues and Reds vowed revenge against the UNSC and Project Freelancer.

Terrorist Attacks

10 months after the Chorus-Charon War, Gene is present during both the attack on a UNSC outpost and their mission on Sidewinder. He is later present when the Reds and Blues arrive on Armada 8 and formally meet their counterparts. Though originally offended at the notion he and Simmons are anything alike, Gene starts to bond with him. However, he still lies to Simmons and his friends after Temple captures Washington and Carolina. Once they discover the Blues and Red's true motives, Gene and the others imprison the Reds and Blues and leave for Earth for their ultimate attack against the UNSC.

Final Battle

Grif and Simmons confront Gene, but as they are identical in every way, Grif does not know which one is which. After asking them "why are we here?", Gene responds with saving the world from the Blues and Reds, while Simmons responds that no one knows and that it is one of life's great mysteries. Knowing the latter answer was the correct one, Grif shoots at Gene, who dangles off the ledge. Gene begs for help, but Simmons refuses, stating he felt "a little lazy", which makes Grif proud. As the two walk off, Gene swears revenge against Simmons. It is unknown if he survived.


  • Gene and his counterpart Simmons are a reference to Gene Simmons, a member of the rock band KISS.
  • Gene and Lorenzo are the only Blues and Reds who sound like their counterparts, as well as the only ones who are MIA.
  • Gene makes several references to nerdy subculture including Star Wars.
    • Interestingly, he mentions Darth Maul when saying he would return in a "shitty video game". Considering Darth Maul supposedly died at the end of Episode I: The Phantom Menace but later returned in the Clone Wars TV series, it is possible Gene will return in the future.


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