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As the Mayor, I hereby declare the Tunisian Archaeological Exhibit... open!
~ Gene Fredrickson at the grand opening of the Tunisian Archaeological Exhibit.

Gene Fredrickson, previously known as Mayor Fredrickson or simply the Mayor, is a major character in the Henry Stickmin series, serving as the main villain of Stealing the Diamond and a minor antagonist in Completing the Mission.

He was the former city mayor who announced the opening of the Tunisian Archaeological Exhibit. He secretly planned to steal the Tunisian Diamond for himself, but was beaten to it by Henry Stickmin and eventually had his scheme exposed, along the fact that he is secretly a member of the notorious Toppat Clan.

He was voiced by Marcus Bromander.


Gene is a man of grey hair, with bushy eyebrows and a thin but long mustache. Uniquely, unlike almost all other characters in the series, Gene possesses an actual torso which makes him look overweight. He wears a dark grey suit, a dark grey top hat, dark grey shoes, and a pink bowtie (which is red in the Flash version). He is also commonly seen with a grey cane (which is brown in the Flash version).



Fredrickson was a high-ranking member of the Toppat Clan who planned to smuggle the Tunisian Diamond. He ran as mayor of the city and won, due to his love for the arts.

Stealing the Diamond

Gene is seen at the beginning of the game on television, where he declares the Tunisian Archaeological Exhibit open. This prompts an impoverished Henry Stickmin to take the diamond for himself to most likely improve his financial situation (foiling Gene's classified plans to steal the diamond himself).

Eventually, it's revealed that there were plans to smuggle the Tunisian Diamond. Fredrickson escapes after connections were found, and the theft of the diamond is blamed on the Toppat Clan (although some people know that it was Henry, such as Hubert Galeforce and whoever gave Grigori Olyat documents on Henry).

Completing the Mission

Gene makes cameos in two endings of Completing the Mission.

Valiant Hero

If Charles and Henry choose to take the leftmost escape pod (the luxury escape pod), they will encounter the six elite Toppats inside, including Gene. Out of the six, Gene is the only one not to pull out a gun at Henry or Charles, nor does he glare at them menacingly.

Toppat Civil Warfare

Gene is one of the many Toppats present at Henry's return to the Toppat Clan, looking on as he is denounced by Reginald Copperbottom for ditching Ellie Rose back at the Wall.



  • Gene is technically the third Toppat to appear in the Henry Stickmin series (the other two being Henry and Winston Davis), and the last one to appear before Infiltrating the Airship.
  • Fredrickson is probably the one who imprisoned Dave Panpa back at the Airship's brig as Dave worked at the Museum.

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