Genunu a friend of Jun, sorcerer & the main antagonist of the (2011 film) The Legends of the Millenium Dragons.

The Film

Genenu was destroying onis in the first scene & saved the village & the samurai warriors. Genenu meets Jun a boy & a savior who can protect people from onis & Genenu takes of him & Raiko. When all onis overrun the village Genenu tells Jun to unlock Orichi the Dragon from the mountains & Jun destroys the onis with a Orichi that he awakens.

Later in the film Genenu rise his Four Heavenly Kings to destroy all onis but Jun tells that there will be no piece when they start a war. Genenu fuses with the Four Heavenly Kings to make him transform into a powerful monster to kill Jun & turned againest his samurais & onis. Jun destroys the mutated Genenu & saved the world from human destruction of mankind for Jun's peaceful life on his own.

Powers and Abilities

While human, he was able to fend off the oni using his magic and to obliterate a large oni that was five times his size. His power is incrediable since he was also able to destroy a powerful statue like being and destroy the weakest form of Orochi. After fusing with the Four Heavenly Kings he becomes a powerful monster that looks like a buddha creature. it has the ability to turn the ground into molten lava by sumo style and when it smash it's feet in the lava again causes meteor projectiles that shoot out of the ground.