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You, American pigs! Get away from my peace-loving country!
~ General Akhboob

General Akhboob is the primary antagonist of the Midway video game Total Carnage, which is the spiritual sequel to Smash T.V. He is the dictator of the Middle Eastern country of Kookistan who closes off his country to the rest of the world after a war in 1999. He disguises his bio mutant factory as a baby milk factory and captures several reporters trying to get a scoop on his true activities.

In response to his threats, the United Nations send in the Doomsday Squad, a group of two buff commandos, to invade Kookistand, rescue the hostages and capture Akhboob. When the heroes confront him, he finally reveals himself as actually being Adolf Hitler in disguise. When defeated, he sends out a series of clones in order to escape, but the Doomsday Squad manages to capture him. If the player gets the best ending, the heroes strap the General to the same electric chair he used earlier in the game and electrocute him. Whilst Akhboob puts up a fight, he is ultimately killed and reduced to a pile of bones by fifty thousand volts.

SNES version

In the censored SNES version, Akhboob's true identity is removed. Akhboob's full name is given as Myron Farley Akhboob and it is revealed he was once a fry chef of the Kookistan burger & bait shop and created Bio nuclear generators when he spilled his lava lamp onto a barrel of sweet pickles. Akhboob's threats of violence are also downplayed.

Rather then being executed in the game's ending, Akhboob is instead thrown in prison.


You suck at this game!
I'll buy YOU for a dollar!!
See if I care!


Total Carnage (Final Boss) -Playstation 2-

Total Carnage (Final Boss) -Playstation 2-

Akhboob's final fight and death

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