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I know how to protect Russia. Don't you worry about legality and all that... This country, this fictional country of Urzikstan? This is a breeding ground for terrorists. And if they can't administrate themselves, I will do it for them.
~ Barkov explains his goals to "Alex".

General Roman Barkov (in Russian: Роман Барков), or better known as General Barkov, is the main antagonist of the 2019 video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the reboot of the Modern Warfare sub-series.

He is a Russian rogue military general who is using the country's forces to create a full-scale global war between Europe and the Middle East, believing it would manifest into world peace. In reality, however, it was mainly to protect Russia entirely. His plans lead him into conflict with the U.S. Military, C.I.A. and the Urzikstani rebels led by his archenemy Farah Karim. Known for his ruthless methods of investigation and destructive anarchism, Barkov would use any means to get what he wants. 

He was voiced and motion-captured by Konstantin Lavysh.


Early Life 

Nothing is known about Barkov's past, except for the fact he is from Russia and that in 1999 or priot to that, he was appointed as Lieutenant General for the Russian Army.

Going Rogue

In 1999, Barkov loses his sanity and decides to take matters in his own hands by invading Urzikstan with a part of Russian military and mercenaries under his command. Barkov is wishing on using the Russian forces he has to eradicate terrorism from Urzikstan in order to protect Russia.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 

Fog of War 

In the very first mission of the game, CIA officer "Alex" and 1st Marine Raiders are making their way towards a base of operations of Barkov's forces in Russia's fictional Slavic neighbor country Kastovia, in order to obtain the deadly gas, used by Barkov to supress any resistance in Urzikstan, but operation fails due to sudden appearance of Urzik Insurgents, who kill marines and steal the gas, leaving "Alex" the sole survivor.


After the failed operation in Kastovia, "Alex" is sent to Urzikstan to get help from Farah Karim and her resistance forces in aim to find the stolen gas. In exchange, Farah demands "Alex" to help with elimination of Russian troop commanders who appear that day in the town. After the successful elimination of each, "Alex" and Farah make their way out and prepare for the next attack. While Barkov appears only on propaganda posters and TV translations, it is the first time he is seen in the game.

Proxy War

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Clean House 

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Hunting Party

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Following Barkov's actions and death, he is remembered as a war criminal and disowned by Russia. In the end, Kate Laswell explains to Price that Victor Zakhaev, son of Imran, wants Barkov's throne. Afterwards, Al-Qatala invades Kastovian city Verdansk in response to Barkov's actions, with a new leader at the helm.


One particular rogue general, who you should think of like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, who goes off the reservation. And, ultimately, we work with Russians to take him out, because he’s a problem.
~ Jacob Minkoff, the single-player Design Director for the game, describing Barkov.
Psychopathic, sadistic and ruthless, Barkov is an over-patriotic fanatic who will do anyhing to achieve his goals. He will kill anyone who he sees on the wrong end or getting in his way without hesitation or remorse. Viewing Urzikstan as "the breeding ground for terrorists", Barkov is extremely xenophobic towards it's population, which is demonstrated not only by his tyrannical occupation, but also by merciless repressions and genocidal actions that doesn't spare even children. He is also not above killing his own soldiers even for the slight reasons as evident by some dialogues in the game. However, Barkov is not lacking any other emotions, such as showing fear in the end when being stabbed by Farah Karim, even trying to bargain for his life.

Powers And Abilities

Gen. Barkov is a gifted military commander, knowing how to use his psychological warfare or his torture skills in order to carry out his plans and execute his attacks.



  • General Barkov is the fourth Call of Duty main villain to be Russian, following Imran Zakhaev from the original Modern Warfare, Nikita Dragovich from Black Ops and Vladimir Makarov from Modern Warfare 3.
  • Barkov is inspired by Col. Walter E. Kurtz from the epic war film from 1979 by Francis Coppola, Apocalypse Now, though their actions and personalities are much different. Despite being insane, Kurtz is usually calm and philosophic, believing in morals, but also believing that a person should be cold in order to commit actions necessary to win the war, even if they are extremely brutal, while Barkov is a hot-tempered fanatic who commits numerous acts of unnecessary horrid brutality that is also fueled by his xenophobia towards people of Urzikstan.

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