You wanna piece of me?! Bring it on you stinking lizard if you got a guts!
~ Blanque taunting Zanramon in prison cell.

General Blanque is the recurring antagonist in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 animated series.

He was voiced by Mike Pollock.



General Blanque was leader of the Federation military, who was at war with The Triceraton Republic, led by his archenemy Prime Leader Zanramon.

TMNT 2003

Blanque was the ruthless leader of the Federation military. He leads the Federation in the war against the Triceratons. His archenemy was Zanramon.

Blanque wanted Professor Honeycutt to build the Teleportal device so he could use it for mass destruction and destroy the Triceratons for good instead of promoting peace which Honeycutt intend. Honeycutt refused to build the Teleportal for Blanque.

When Honeycutt's mind was transferred into his assistant Sal's robotic body, Blanque was aware of this and was happy of this because robots have no rights so he could take the plans of the Teleportal from Honeycutt's mind.



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