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General Faola Bumfuqué is a minor antagonist in Paradise P.D., only appearing in the episode "Meet the Jabowskis". He is a Ugandan warlord who is notorious for killing ten-year-old girls.


According to his Wiki-War page, Faola Bumfuqué was a Ugandan child, born to two loving parents. On Faola's third birthday, Faola said he wanted a The Smurfs-themed cake but his parents misheard him and gave him a Snork cake. Unhappy, Faola hacked his parents to death with a plastic knife. When he was a child, Faola asked out a classmate to the Shake-A-Zulu dance but she rejected him because she was already going with Barack Obama. Faola was so mad at her that he killed this girl, which began his life of killing ten-year-old girls.

In "Meet the Jabowskis", Gina Jabowski questioned where the bullet in her brain came from and who put it there. Dr. Fudlicker gave her a picture of her as a little girl with "Bumfuque" written on the back, which was her only clue for cracking the case. She used this information and tracked down General Bumfuqué and traveled all the way to Africa just to see him. She slaughtered down a team of his men and broke into his castle to kill him. Gina knocked Bumfuqué unarmed. pointed a gun at his head, telling him to take one last look at the girl he killed before he dies. Bumfuqué laughed at this and pointed out that there was a mistake. He said that the name on the back read "Bumfuque" instead of "Bumfuqué", a minor discrepancy that could only be determined by the lack of an accent over the "e". Gina had an epiphany, realizing that "Bumfuque" was the name of the next down over and left General Bumfuqué to go back home to America.

Later in the episode, an African woman showed up in Bumfuque to get revenge on the town for nearly killing her when she was ten. Gina explained the subtle difference between "Bumfuque" and "Bumfuqué" and the woman realized her mistake in the same way Gina did.


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