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...and you are not, eh? Heh, are the...purists? The...saviors, the avenging angels, eh? Heh, heh, will soon be disillusioned. You...are me. You are DeCruz. You are Batista, you are Castro, you are Trujillo, you are the...keepers of the of the grab bags. Oh, you can wave your flags and put up your statues and embrace all the people, the oldest and the youngest, but we are all the same breed. We are the spoilers. We care for no one no one but ourselves.
~ DeCruz foreshadows Clemente and his follower's descent into backstabbing and tyranny

General DeCruz is the secondary antagonist in The Twilight Zone episode "The Mirror". He is a South/Central American dictator whose regime has been overthrown by Ramos Clemente, who eventually becomes the new dictator after deposing DeCruz but also becoming just like him or worse.

He was portrayed by the late Will Kuluva.


Little is known of General DeCruz, save that he was an oppressive dictator in a fictional Central or South American country who was at one point given a mirror by a woman of magic that supposedly reveals the identities of would-be assassins.

Later, he was overthrown by a revolution led by a man named Ramos Clemente, who berated and abused the defeated Clemente, reveling in his victory over the despot every step of the way. Seeing this, DeCruz mocked Clemente, noting that ultimately, he was the same kind of man and that the were both selfish oppressors. DeCruz was led away, but not before introducing Clemente to his magic mirror.

DeCruz's final fate is currently unknown, but he was apparently kept alive and imprisoned despite Clemente's earlier vowing to kill him slowly and painfully.


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