We have those gringos exactly where we want them! Prepare the artillery!
~ General Diego prepares to assault invading U.S. soldiers
What! Did you forget how to use those rifles? I've had enough! A thousand pieces in gold to the man who brings me that gringo's head.
~ General Diego orders his men to have Red Harlow killed
I have a case of cigars and case of tequila, and I'm not going anywhere.
~ Javier Diego

General Javier Diego is one of the main antagonists in the 2004 video-game Red Dead Revolver.


Diego is a General of the Mexican Army due to his accent, name and his men's nationality.

In a flashback told by Sheriff Bartlett, General Diego and his men fought several U.S. soldiers who attempted to cross the Rio Grande River into Mexico. He ordered his subordinate, Colonel Daren into the trenches to prepare their artillery cannons, while he and his men fended off the soldiers. After the first wave, Diego used flares to target enemy cannons, which were knocked out with concentrated artillery fire. However, when a bigger second wave of U.S. soldiers arrived, Diego ordered 2 of his engineers to rig a bridge with explosives, while he personally fended off the enemy soldiers. After the charges under the bridge were detonated, Diego's men rounded up some survivors, including a man named Griffon.

Diego took account of captured prisoners, upon learning of the wealth locked in Bear Mountain and Griff's unique position as legal claim holder to give it to him, Diego sealed their new partnership by sending Colonel Daren and some hired goons to kill Griff's partner, Nate Harlow. Despite successfully killing Nate, Daren got half his arm blown off by Nate's Scorpion Revolver, but Diego rewarded him by paying the best doctors he could afford to implant a mortar cannon on Daren's arm. While Nate's son, Red, escaped alive, Diego and his renegade army started mining Bear Mountain's rich gold deposits, using captured Union soldiers as slave labor.

Years later, Diego had taken up residence using a heavily armed stagecoach and the gold mining operation however was interrupted when a fully grown Red Harlow, having learned the part they played in his family's murder, started hunting for Diego, Griffon and all their associates. Red found and disabled the armored stagecoach, blowing it up in the process.

Diego was able to capture Red and imprison him in the Bear Mountain mines. However, Red's cousin Shadow Wolf freed him, they both escaped the mines, and together they raided the compound which resulted in the deaths of Shadow Wolf, Colonel Daren, and several of Diego's men. After a mobile battle on Diego's railway, Red disabled Diego's train with a gatling gun that was unable to kill Red with his rotating, train-mounted cannon, Diego charged at him with his bayonet rifle. Red shot him down, and as Diego lie crawling away on his back, trying to barter for his life with promises of gold, whiskey, weapons and women, Red executed him with a point blank shot to the face.


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