General Dong is a supporting antagonist of the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day. He is a North Korean general who is in league with Gustav Graves.

He was portrayed by Sai-Kit Yung.


Along with General Li and General Han, Dong was invited over to Graves' ice palace for a demonstration: a new satellite called Icarus that can provide sunlight to areas of the world which lack it in order to promote agricultural development in cold climate countries.

However, it turns out that Icarus was actually designed as a weapon to detonate mines placed along the De-Militarized Zone between North and South Korea, as Graves intends to create a path carved through the De-Militarized Zone so that all of Korea would be reunited by force under North control. To that end, Graves provided a secret demonstration to Dong, Li and Han by using the satellite to trace down and kill James Bond with a giant laser, though Bond managed to escape from being killed.

Following Graves' return to North Korea, Dong helped him and the other generals form a coup against Graves' father General Moon by putting him under house arrest. Dong and the generals then watch as Graves shows Moon of his plot. However, Moon was outraged by this and grabs Han's gun in an attempt to shoot Graves, only for the latter to stun him and shoot him down in anger, something which Dong and the other generals didn't expect.

Needless to say, Bond and his partner Jinx broke into the plane just as the former accidentally fires a bullet in one of the plane's windows, causing the cabin to lose pressure. Dong, along with Vladmir Popov and the generals, were blown out of the plane and fell to their deaths.



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