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General Emiliano Marquez is the main antagonist of Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003). He is a corrupted general who once fall in love with Carolina who actually

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setup for lured for her lover El Mariachi to killed and left him for good which trigger Marquez to track his ex lover on location before El Mariachi and Carolina

escaped,Marquez is shot in the chest by Carolina and left for dead, but survives before he track down and Marquez killed Calroina and her daughter leaving El Mariachi grieving and seek revenge against Marquez for murdered his family. When Silas learns about Marquez's background with El Mariachi, he ask him that General is same man that killed his family. Eventually while planned coup against President of Mexico, Marquez was found and killed by El Mariachi during the raid thus avenge for his wife's and daughter's deaths.

He played by Gerardo Vigil.

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