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We will kill this American disease!
~ Garza addressing his troops to fight back against James Munroe, before Munroe himself shoots the general.

General Garza was the secondary antagonist in the 2010 film The Expendables. He was a South American general who ostensibly ruled the island of Vilena for over 20 years.

He is portrayed by David Zayas, who also played Sal Maroni in Gotham.


Garza is the dictator of the fictional island of Vilena and has a daughter named Sandra. He works with a mercenary named James Munroe, but Munroe constantly belittles him and humiliates him in front of his own soldiers. The Expendables are hired to travel to Vilena in an attempt to overthrow Garza, and Garza eventually believes that Munroe hired them to kill him. Deciding that he has enough, Garza angrily returns Munroe's money and demands him to leave. He later makes a speech about how he has succumbed to greed and apologizes to his daughter because of it, and claims that he is going to fight the "American disease", in reference to Munroe. In response, Munroe shoots Garza dead, sending his body toppling over the balcony of his palace. Garza's death would later be avenged when Ross and Lee kill Munroe to save Sandra's life.



  • Garza is similar to General Medrano from Quantum of Solace; they are military dictators who are in cahoots with a corrupt businessman, and they both serve as the secondary antagonists and as puppet rulers of their respective nations. However, unlike Medrano (who shows no remorse for his crimes), Garza is shown to be more honorable and apologetic in nature, as he ultimately cares for his daughter Sandra.


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