General Guy is the Chapter 4 boss of Paper Mario. He is the leader of the Shy Guys and commands them on what to do when Mario arrives to take the star spirit from them. He guards the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular. After his Shy Squad, Stilt Guys, and Shy Stacks were defeated, he fought Mario himself inside a tank, but was defeated, and ran off with his Shy Guys, never to be seen again.

In the second half of the credits parade, General Guy can be seen dancing with four Groove Guys and two members of his Shy Squad.

The Shy Squad consists of 15 Shy Guys. The number of damage inflicted on them equals the number of Shy Guys who are defeated from the attack. When they attack, each Shy Guy in the Shy Squad does 1 damage. The Defend Plus badge will defend against their attacks, and the Zap Tap Badge will zap them and take out one Shy Guy, with Mario receiving only 1 damage.

The Stilt Guys are two Shy Guys on Stilts. Jumping on them will knock them off the stilts, and they become regular Shy Guys.

Shy Stacks are 4 Shy Guys standing on top of each other. They each have 10 HP and shoot slingshots at Mario for four damage.

General Guy has 30 HP, an attack power of 4, and a defense of 2. Watt can cut through defense with Electro Dash. The light bulb on his tank can electrocute Mario and his partner (Watt is immune to this) but if it takes 8 damage, it will be destroyed. General Guy throws bombs at Mario for 4 damage. Once defeated, his tank explodes.

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