General Havoc is Divatox's brother and a villain from Power Rangers Turbo, as well as a minor villain from Power Rangers In Space.


General Havoc came to Earth in his space base so as to reunite with his evil sister, Divatox. According to the past, he had been undergoing construction of his base for about 100 years, and had finally finished. He had also brought along his personal army of Chromites, robotic elites that served as his own personal army. His magnus opus, however, was his Metallosaurus: a gigantic, Godzilla-like robot designed for widespread destruction.

He then made his introduction to the Power Rangers via video, wishing to negotiate the terms of their surrender. The Power Rangers soon went to meet Havoc in person, where they expressed their decline to surrender. Therefore, Havoc decided to engage the Rangers in battle with the Metallosaurus. Havoc not only managed to defeat the Rangers with Metallosaurus, but he also stole the Turbo Megazord and captured the Phantom Ranger, helping Divatox remove his Power Ruby.

Prior to his capture, the Phantom Ranger provided the Rangers with brand-new Rescue Zords, which gave them the advantage to win against Havoc and his Metallosaurus, which was destroyed. Havoc soon constructed a much more powerful "Heavy-Duty Metallosaurus" (built from the wreckage of his original Metallosaurus) to combat the Rangers. While able to take on the Rescue Zords individually, he and the Heavy-Duty Metallosaurus were soon trounced by the Turbo Rescue Megazord. After it was destroyed by the Power Rangers, Havoc left Earth to go work on another one.

He later attended the United Alliance of Evil's meeting on the Cimmerian Planet and also joined in Dark Specter's universal invasion, Havoc was destroyed by the energy wave unleashed from Zordon's destroyed energy tube.


  • Theodore Jay "T.J." Jarvis Johnson
  • Justin Stewart
  • Cassie Chan
  • Carlos Vallerte
  • Ashley Hammond
  • Andros


As opposed to the whiny, vain, and petulant Divatox, General Havoc was a cold, calculating and dignified adversary. Also unlike his sister, he was much more restrained upon suffering defeat (whereas Divatox was known for throwing fits) and was a far more competent opponent than she had been. Havoc did not seem fond of his nephew Elgar, since he wasn't happy to see him again. He knew how to manipulate his opponents by capturing their allies, such as when he captured Cassie to try and get the Phantom Ranger. Havoc later seemed to realize how Divatox was a mockery of a villain since he called her an ingrate before his departure.


  • Havoc's counterpart from Gekisou Sentai Carranger was Instructor Ritchihiker.


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