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General Hedrer is the field commander of the Vader Clan and the secondary antagonist of Denshi Sentai Denziman.


Hedrer traveled to Earth with the rest of the Vader Clan to conquer it. He later developed a rivalry with Demon King Banriki after he joined the Vader Clan. When Banriki seized control of the Vader Clan, Hedrer plotted to betray him and restore Queen Hedrian to the throne.

Though the Demon King was deposed and turned into a human candle, he later revived and took control again thanks to Omnipotent Monster. Hedrer interrupted the battle between the Denzimen and Banriki Demon King and Omnipotent Demon Monster and was killed in the process, but soon he revived and grew giant. He fought against the DaiDenzin only to be fallen to the DenziSword after the Denziman used the DenziBall. He was saluted by the Denzimen after being defeated.


  • Shinji Tōdō, the actor who played Hedrer, previously was the lead in the Toei/Marvel Comics co-production of Spider-Man.


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