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Welcome to Kravavi. You can try and run if you like. No one has ever made it alive.
~ General Hruschov greeting the newest prisoners at Kravavi prison.

General Hruschov is the major antagonist of In Hell. He is the Russian sadistic owner of the Kravavi prison who had a fun watching inmates fighting each other.

He was portrayed by Lloyd Battista.


Early life

Not much known to Hruschov, between the moment a black individual was sentenced to Kravavi prison for the first time 20 years ago before the start of the film's events, and the first time Kyle Leblanc was sentenced to this jail.

In Hell

When the newest prisoners arrives at the Kravavi prison in Russia, another guard answered General Hruschov's question that he brought another prisoner alive who gets his leg shot. Hruschov greeted the prisoners and declared them that all inmates never managed to escape the jail. He greets one of the current prisoners named Billy Cooper and aged 21, and Hruschov stated it's too bad.

Hruschov witnessed the newest prisoner, Kyle killing Andrei via biting his neck at the organized fight and Hruschov ordered the other guards to take Kyle back to solitary confinement. Hruschov was happy from Kyle's victory.

During the first fight with Valya, a dangerous inmate transfered to Kravavi prison, Kyle denied to fight much to Tolik and the general's disapointment. Kyle was thus tied.


After the inmate 451 killed a guard, along with Tolik, took Kyle to the garage and Kyle subdued Tolik, inmate 451 infiltrated the desk to kill Hruschov by tearing his tongue off with pliers before being found and presumably retaken to captivity. Because of Hruschov's death, three months later, Kravavi prison is shut down.

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