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General Jiin is the main antagonist in Zoids: Genesis.

He was voiced by the late Hidetoshi Nakamura.


General Jiin is a tyrannical mad man who is dangerously intelligent and egotistical. He will stop at nothing until he unleashes his tyrannical reign on the Planet Zi. Despite his tyranny, arrogance had been proved to be his downfall before his defeat and death by the hands of Ruuji Familon for good.

Other Media

Video games

Jiin appears as a boss in Zoids Saga DS, Super Robot Wars K, and Zoids Battle Colosseum.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mech Pilot Intuition - Jiin has formidable skill in piloting mechs (giant robots), either at a distance using a remote or from a cockpit inside a mech. Depending on the type of mech being controlled, the weapons, abilities, and equipment the user controls vary. In some cases the mech's power may be connected to the user.
  • Jiin is a powerful pilot who rides in Bio Tyranno. He sits inside a mech and drive it. This requires extraordinary coordination and proprioception. He must train and relearn how to make basic movements such as walking to properly pilot a mech. He is often found in political themed anime, as such some mech pilots might have intuition in politics.
  • Jiin gains significant influence over intended targets, allowing them to control, strengthen or weaken physically, mentally or magically (including all supernatural powers) and otherwise manipulate their victims as they wish, even summoning beings to serve them or dismiss those they wish to.