General Jiin is the main antagonist in Zoids: Genesis.

He was voiced by the late Hidetoshi Nakamura.


Jiin took appreciation of Zairin's capabilities and considered him one of his most trusted subordinates. Though his father controls the country, he hasn't been able to lead for a very long time with his declining health. Jiin was entrusted to handle most of his duties as the unofficial ruler of Digald. Eventually, Jiin would go to new heights as he secretly and aggressively created a new generation of Bio-Zoids. He would break all ties with Sora Sky people and waged war with the land and sky.

Jiin is revealed to be a citizen of the sky and he intends to destroy his former home to become the undisputed God across the planet. So ambitious was his lust for power that he strained his stepfather to death, thus he declared himself as Emperor and later as God of Zi. Jiin would later stop caring about conquering villages or towns, using his Bio Tyranno to destroy them completely to show his "god-like" power. During the final showdown between his forces and the Jiin Suppression Army, he displayed very advanced skills in piloting, whether it was his own skill or the capabilities of his Zoid is unknown. Jiin was killed in the explosion of his Zoid when Mugen Liger sliced Bio Tyranno into two through the Zoid core.


Jiin sees people as tools. In his eyes, everyone is below him, and he is omnipotent. He has no qualms with people abandoning him, nor does he have any objections to decimating neutral or allied forces, and usually fires indiscriminately at his opponents, regardless of who is in the way. He is extremely arrogant, but very cunning and intelligent, but most of all, egocentric, and literally proclaims himself as a God.

Videogame Appearances

General Jiin in Super Robot Wars K
Jiin appears as a boss villain in Zoids Saga DS, Super Robot Wars K, Zoids Battle Colliseum.


  • He is the leader of the Digald Empire, w/c Ruuji and the gang destroyed.
  • He is the remniscient of Frank Drilon.
  • His main Zoid is Bio-Tyranno.
  • He was voiced by the late Hidetoshi Nakamura, who previously played Tassilo Vago from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam and Waltz from Zoids: Fuzors.
  • Jiin's death is similiar to Zorc Necrophades from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Nohman from the Zone of the Enders series.