General Jingwei

You fool! You will be crushed by the might of the Chinese Army!
~ General Jingwei

General Jingwei is the main antagonist and the final boss of the Fallout 3 DLC "Operation: Anchorage". He was a Chinese general who fought in the Reclamation battle of Anchorage, Alaska shortly before the outbreak of a nuclear war that devastated the entire world and made the resources that were being fought over in Alaska a moot point.

He was voiced by an unknown Chinese actor.


In the game, Jingwei appears as the final boss of an exaggerated virtual reality simulation of the Anchorage Reclamation, which has been discovered by the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts and needs to be completed to access a room full of rare pre-war equipment, but has the safety turned off and can be deadly to the user if they lose.

Jingwei is fought at the end of the simulation in the midst of a large battle in a Chinese compound, and since he is a character in a Virtual Reality scenario and is not bound by the laws of realism that prevent boss characters from appearing elsewhere in the game, he has an insanely high amount of health, the most of any human character in the game.

In battle, he attacks with an electrified blade, which afterwards can be obtained by the player in real form inside the vault unlocked upon completing the simulation. He speaks in (rather poor) Chinese, but his dialogue subtitles are in English. Also, like most foes in the game, a character with a very high speech skill can convince him that the battle is lost, and make him commit imbecility suicide with his sword instead of having to fight him. In turn he can also be defeated and slain by The Lone Wanderer.


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