General Kael is the secondary antagonist of the 1988 fantasy film Willow.

He was portrayed by the late Pat Roach.


Serving as the commander of Queen Bavmorda's army, General Kael is summoned to find the baby princess Elora. Ruthless and calculating, he is willing to do his master's bidding.

Bavmorda sends Kael to hunt down Willow Ufgood and Madmartigan, our heroes, who are on a journey to bring the baby to the kingdom of Tir Asleen. The evil warrior manages to capture Willow and his companions, but our heroes escape. Kael and his soldiers follow them to Tir Asleen. Bavmorda has cursed it, freezing all the inhabitants. The castle has fallen into disrepair. Our heroes fortify Tir Asleen as best they can and prepare to fight Kael's army.

Kael and his thugs break down the door and, while attempting to bring down the Eborsisk, a giant two-headed dragon Willow accidentally created, they breach the castle. General Kael manages to capture the baby. Airk's army arrives to aid our heroes at Tir Asleen. Kael charges through Airk's arriving army, deserting his soldiers to battle Airk and brings Elora to the queen.

Willow and his friends follow him to Bavmorda's castle with Airk's army and the fight is on. During the battle, Kael kills Madmartigan's friend Airk. Madmartigan faces Kael on the rooftops of the castle. He drives Airk's broken sword into Kaels's belly and shoves him off the roof, killing him.


General Kael wears a sinister-looking skull mask and dark armor. When unmasked, he is shown to have a scruffy gray beard. His face is later revealed to have a scar and bruises received from Bavmorda whenever she loses her patience.

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