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Whom do I see -  the whole colonel Miller... forgive me, ALMOST!
~ Korbut to Miller at the end of the D6 level in Metro: Last Light.

General Czeslav Andreyevich Korbut is the main antagonist of the video game Metro: Last Light. Korbut is the true leader of the communist faction, the Red Line, within the underground community known as "The Metro". He is the General of the Red Line Army, who seeks to control the entire Metro and it's people by destroying the current leadership and other factions within it.


Korbut is known to be manipulative, who was able to force Maxim into killing his own brother Andrey, in order to usurp the leadership of the Red Line and install himself as the true leader of the faction. He is also cruel, as exemplified in his attack on the Oktybrskaya station through a bioweapon, while killing innocent lives along the way, just to satisfy his initiating plans of mass-murdering the entire Moscow Metro.

A pathological egotist to the core, Korbut never cared for his subordinates including Pavel Morozov and Lesnitsky, as well as the Red Line Army he leads, in their missions, where he sees them as tools for his goals.



Korbut was born before the war, though it is uncertain precisely when; in Metro: Last Light, he is between 40 and 50 years old, which indicates he was born in the 1980s or 1970s. He sought safety within the Metro as World War III started, joining thousands of others. Nothing further is known about him beyond this point.

He eventually joined the Red Line, perhaps following the demise of the Central Metro Command. He subsequently rose to the post of Head of Intelligence for the Red Line, where he served as an essential counsellor to Maxim Moskvin, the younger brother of Andrey Moskvin, the Red Line's then-current commander.

After the bombs dropped and the society of Russia took to living in the underground Metro, different factions began to rise one being the communist party in which Korbut served as the top adviser. Korbut began to set in motion a plan that would ultimately put him in charge of the communist faction by convincing the leader's brother, Maxim Moskvin, that his brother was plotting to have him killed.

Korbut eventually succeeded in his plan and Moskvin poisoned his own brother through a poisoned wine. Before usurping the leadership for himself, however, Korbut blackmailed Moskivin into obeying his every whim and command by holding his brother's murder over his head.

Korbut's main goal however, was to capture a "Dark One", a superhuman humanoid mutant hybrid with extremely powerful telepathic abilities. However Korbut's plan never came to fruition as the Dark One race was wiped out by a single Metro Ranger named Artyom in Metro 2033. This set back forced Korbut to come up with a secondary plan that could give him the power he needed to take control of the entire Metro.

Metro: Last Light

Despite the fact that the Dark Ones had been wiped out, Korbut sent a group of Stalkers, including Pavel Morozov, one of his loyal soldiers, to the Botanical Gardens to look for any survivors. However, the group was captured by Stalkers from the Fourth Reich, so Korbut assumed they had been lost and moved on to other plans.

Korbut intends to enslave and conquer the entire Moscow Metro via various tactics in addition to the Dark Ones. Lesnitsky had been Korbut's double agent inside the Rangers for a while, even before D6's discovery. Lesnitsky is continually providing Korbut with intelligence, such as the finding of the D6 bunker complex and the plenty of food and weaponry it likely holds.

Korbut creates a strategy to seize control of D6 since he is eager to get his hands on such wealth. Korbut would murder everyone else inside the Metro by deploying a lethal bioweapon Lesnitsky got from D6, leaving the Red Line as the Metro's only rulers. After ransacking his office to make it appear as though he had been kidnapped, Lesnitsky flees the Rangers with a sample of the bioweapon and arrives at the Red Line.

Soon after, Artyom, who was once more looking for a Dark One, finally encounters Korbut. Artyom is brought to Korbut after being drugged and deceived by Pavel. Korbut intends to administer truth serum to Artyom. To teach his son how to acquire the truth, Moskvin comes and tortures Artyom during their interrogation.

Leonid, his son, rushes out of the room after calling him a butcher. Angry, Moskvin orders Korbut to use any means necessary to get the truth from Artyom, with the caveat that Korbut shoot Artyom once he has done so. By using the truth serum, Korbut reveals that there is still a Dark One alive and well in a Hansa freakshow. Artyom, who had already passed out, hears Korbut instructing Pavel to travel to Venice in order to locate the Dark One and to bring a "special item." Artyom is let free by Leonid, Moskvin's son, probably before he can be put to death. Artyom hears Korbut discussing his next move as he makes his way out of the air vent.

Lesnitsky was one of the men Korbut ordered out to test the bioweapon after Pavel (who had given it to hired bandits) brought it to Venice. They selected Oktyabrskaya because it was a neutral station but one that, if destroyed, would practically split Hansa in half. The majority of Oktyabrskaya's population is wiped off by the test, but the Reds were unable to split Hansa in half.

However, Korbut's stock of the virus had run out, so he intended to attack D6 to seize the remaining virus. Korbut receives word from Pavel, who was unable to catch the Dark One in Venice, and gives him the order to gather his troops and ambush Artyom in Red Square. Pavel failed to accomplish his goal once more, and Artyom either killed him or left him behind. Pavel is no longer an option, therefore Korbut must quickly decide what to do next.

Korbut brings the whole Red Army into position for the attack on D6 via covert tunnels beneath the Kremlin. Korbut uses Moskvin's attendance at the Polis Peace Conference as leverage against him once more, catching the Rangers off surprise and allowing D6 to be largely undefended and quickly taken. The newborn Dark One, who can read minds, exposes how Moskvin poisoned his brother and fell into Korbut's trap, foiling Korbut's scheme. The Rangers have ample time to go to D6 and set up defence after receiving this warning.

After positioning his men, Korbut issues the order to assault, starting the Battle of D6, in which he sends countless waves of soldiers, a tank, and his best commandos to kill the Rangers. However, they are all routed. With his last available card, Korbut uses D6 to launch the Red's armoured train, taking down the Ranger's defences and opening the way for his remaining soldiers to occupy the battlefield.

Korbut makes fun of a hurt Miller while marching among the corpses and dying Rangers while announcing triumph. Miller gives Artyom the go-ahead to detonate the device that would destroy D6. Before abruptly understanding what he was going to do, Korbut recognised Artyom and mocked him as well.

Artyom starts the bomb's timer from this point on during the traditional C'est la Vie ending.In a last-ditch effort to avoid the approaching explosion, Korbut desperately rushes past his soldiers, but he perishes alongside the Rangers and the rest of the Red Army.

Before Artyom can start the countdown during the Redemption ending, the infant Dark One approaches and tells him to halt. The infant Dark One assaults Korbut and the Red Army with the help of the Dark Ones that were sleeping inside of D6, destroying Korbut, murdering many people, and destroying the remainder of the Red Line Army while sparing the remaining Rangers.


  • In the Metro 2035 novel, Korbut is a mentioned character, who also commanded the Red Line Army to attack the D6 Bunker. As the name implies, he is only a mentioned character.
  • Korbut is based on Xerxes I, the leader of the Persian army, as he managed to wipe out the undermanned Spartan Rangers and Miller (who is based after Leonidas) in their home base of Sparta after the Battle for D6, which is similar to Xerxes and his army defeating Leonidas's undermanned Spartan army during the Battle of Thermopylae.

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