I am programmed to resist intimidation.
~ Kraken to Anakin Skywalker

General Kraken is a super tactical droid that served the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


The Unknown

Kraken was assigned to the command of Separatist Admiral Trench during a battle against the Republic aboard a space station encircling the planet, Ringo Vinda. After several days of stalemate, the Republic, led by Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker, Tiplar and Tiplee, began pushing the Droid forces back to the Confederate command post. At the height of the battle, clone trooper Tup entered a trance-like state and once again focuses his attention on Master Tiplar. Driven by a mysterious compulsion, Tup marched up to Tiplar and coldly murdered her with a shot to her head at point-blank range, causing the Republic line to falter. Kraken reported the retreat to Trench and, on the latter's order, contacted Count Dooku to report the occurrence.

Dooku later ordered Trench to capture Tup and bring him to Serenno for examination. Trench then ordered Kraken to personally accompany the transport. A Separatist shuttle sat on its struts, warming up as Kraken approached the craft with the unconscious Tup lashed to a gurney in tow. As they departed, Skywalker, Clone Captain Rex and ARC Trooper Fives boarded and overtook the shuttle. Kraken fought Skywalker in hand-to-hand combat before Skywalker cut off the droid's hands with his lightsaber. Skywalker demanded answers from a stubborn Kraken, but when the super tactical droid boasted about being able to resist intimidation, the Jedi Knight simply sliced off its head with his lightsaber.

Crisis at the Heart

General Kraken was later rebuilt, or repaired, and served as the commander of the Droid forces when the Separatists that invaded Scipio to frame Rush Clovis for the embezzlement within the InterGalactic Banking Clan. From the bridge of the command dreadnought, Count Dooku orders super tactical droid Kraken to begin the attack as a ruse to make Clovis appear to be in alliance with the Confederacy. Soon after, the Republic launched an invasion force to retake Scipio. Kraken commanded the space forces until Dooku returned from the planet surface. Aboard the Separatist dreadnought, Dooku orders Kraken to withdraw. The droid protested, because its tactical programming showed that hundreds of droid forces were still engaged on the surface. Dooku dismissed Kraken's concerns and ordered the droid to withdraw. Kraken obeyed and retreated along with the rest of the Confederate forces, abandoning the droid forces on the planet. Later, Kraken interruptes Dooku's meditation and says to him that he must to go on Coruscant.


General Kraken was stationed on Count Dooku's Separatist dreadnought. Kraken interrupted Dooku's mediation informing the Count that he was ordered to go to Coruscant right away. Dooku told the tactical droid to tell Lord Sidious he was on his way.


  • Kraken is the second Super Tactical Droid to survive in the entire Star Wars franchise, the first is Kalani.
  • The difference between two is Kalani was never destroyed, whereas Kraken was destroyed a first time by Anakin Skywalker then was repaired or rebuilt.
  • As Kalani, Kraken has certainly assumed that the unexpected shut-down command, by Darth Vader after executing the Separatist Council on Mustafar, was a Republic trick and prevented the shut-down command.


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