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General Marder is the head of IMC's ARES Division and the primary antagonist of Titanfall 2.

He is in charge of overseeing the IMC's operations on Typhon. He believes that the Militia are blocking humanity’s progress on the Frontier - a nuisance to be eliminated. Employing high quality mercenaries to bolster his allocation of IMC forces, Marder’s ARES Division seeks “emergent technologies” to decisively resolve the Frontier War in favor of the IMC.


Marder oversaw development of the Fold Weapon, a super weapon capable of destroying planets via time displacement technology. He at one point presented the Fold Weapon to an IMC scientist, and stated that the Fold Weapon could be used to wipe out the Militia. To prevent anyone from stopping the weapons activation, Marder employed the Apex Predators to transport the weapon's power source, the Ark, to it.

Through an intercom, Marder offered any Militia soldier safe passage to the Angel City Penitentiary if they surrendered themselves to IMC. After Cooper's capture, Marder spoke to Kuben Blisk via hologram on the terms of their arrangement. When Cooper escaped and headed to the fold weapon, Marder informed Blisk that his payment had been transferred and that he was free to leave. However, after Cooper killed Slone, Marder ordered Blisk to kill Cooper and BT. However, Blisk refused as Marder didn't put it in his contract.


  • Marder's name is derived from "murder".


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