General Menes is the main antagonist of the book Tomb of Treasure by Terry Deary. He is a general and a captain of the royal guards in ancient Egypt, in the time of Tutankhamun's death. He visibly misuses his position of the general and tries to catch the criminals by the act to torture them later violently.



He firstly appears in the store when he visits an old thief Antef who is planning the biggest tomb-robbery of all time: rob just deceased Tutankhamun's tomb! General Menes enters Antef's house while he and three of his four friends are planning the tomb-robbery there. Menes threatens and warn them that he will personally crucify them all on the wall.

As the story continues, Antef arranges different roles at Tutankhamun's funeral for his friends - Maiarch, Neria, Paneb and Dalifa. General Menes is soon able to find out what the members of gang are doing - except for Neria. Menes hires a spy to learn it, but the gang cons him when Paneb stands on Antef's shoulders and the two pretend to be Neria.

General Menes visits the gang for three times to warn and terrify them, lookign forward to catch them by the tomb-robbery. During the visits, the members of the gang act pure and innocent, although they sometimes mistakenly let their tongues slip (especially foolish Neria).

Menes then imprisons Nepher, the foreman of workmen, who knows everything about Antef's plan. Menes tortures him violently and eventually gets all the informations about him. After the funeral, however, he has to accompany Ankhesenamun, Tutankhamun's wife, instead of catching Antef and his friends in the middle of their tomb-robbery. He leaves Ankhesenamun as soon as it is possible and sails the Nile River to the Valley of the Kings. Unfortunately, his boat hits a crocodile's head and the battle begins. Menes eventually kills the crocodile and continues to stop the gang.

Meanwhile, half-dead Nepher is saved by his friend Weni and goes to the Valley to warn Antef and his friends. Meanwhile, the gang successfully tomb-robs Tutankhamun's tomb. However, before they can leave, Nepher and Menes arrive to the tomb at the same time. Memes forces the gang to return the stolen treasure back to the tomb. Ankhesenamun suddenly appears there and forbids the gang. Nepher is free, but Antef and his friend have to work on fields, much to Menes' anger.

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