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Since the day you resisted the Japanese army, you've already been a dead man. But you're talented, you could be useful to us. So I'll give you one chance to be loyal to the Japanese Emperor. Teach our army Chinese kung-fu. That way, we might still save your life.
~ General Miura's offer to Ip Man

General Miura (in Japanese: 陸軍大将 三浦, Rikugun-Taishō Miura/in Chinese: 三浦将军, Sānpǔ jiāngjūn) is the main antagonist of Ip Man. He is an Imperial Japanese Army officer overseeing the occupation of Foshan. Miura, a Karate master, is fascinated by Chinese martial arts and offers the young men of Foshan extra rations in exchange for sparring against his military trainees.

He was portrayed by Hiroyuki Ikeuchi.


The Japanese Empire invades southern China in 1937. The city of Foshan, known for its flourishing martial arts community, is quickly subjugated. General Miura oversees the occupation. His staff move into Ip Man's former residence and use it as their headquarters. The people of Foshan are forced into back-breaking labor with little food.

Eager to study Chinese Kung Fu, Miura orders his aide, Colonel Sato, to bring local martial artists to his dojo to spar with his military trainees. Those who can win a match are rewarded with bags of rice depending on the numbers of Japanese trainees they defeat. Miura observes the sparring sessions and decides to participate himself. He chooses to battle three men at once and offers them rice even if they lose. The general easily defeats the three young men, but one of them, Ip Man's friend Lin, refuses to concede and even spits in the general's face. Enraged, Miura throws a spinning kick to Lin's neck/trachea, resulted in Lin's death.

When Lin does not return from the arena, Ip Man joins the next batch of fighters in order to find out what happened to him. Another Kung Fu master, Liu, wins a duel but asks to fight three more Japanese soldiers in order to win extra food. Liu loses the duel but tries to claim his original bag of rice, which prompts Colonel Sato to shoot him.

Miura is insulted by this dishonorable act and threatens Sato, who meekly apologizes and quickly arranges the next match. Ip Man is shocked by Liu's death and demands to fight ten Japanese soldiers, much to everyone's amusement. When Ip Man easily defeats the ten black belts, the arena is silent and Miura is impressed by this display of skill. Miura asks Ip Man for his name, to which Ip Man replies "I'm just a Chinese man.".

Miura wishes to duel Ip Man himself and sends Colonel Sato to ask Ip Man to a formal duel. Ip Man refuses, and eventually he is taken by force and imprisoned. Sato asks Miura to reconsider the duel, but Miura is confident in his chances. Miura sets up an arena in the middle of town, where all of Foshan can watch the ultimate clash between Japanese and Chinese martial arts.

When the duel begins, Miura initially holds his own against Ip Man, but he is quickly overpowered and brutally beaten. Incited to revolt, the people of Foshan rise up and fight against the Japanese occupation.


  • Miura oftenly use a front kick as his first strike in a battle. This was shown when he fights Lin and other two young men, and also the final tournament with Ip Man.
  • Miura's rank in the Imperial Japanese Army is General or Army General (陸軍大将, Rikugun-Taishō), one of the three highest ranks of the Imperial Japanese Army, behind only the Marshal or Field Marshal (元帥陸軍大将, Gensui-Rikugun-Taishō) and the Grand Marshal of the Japanese Empire or Generalissimo (大元帥陸軍大将, Daigensui-Rikugun-Taishō), the highest rank in the Imperial Japanese Army and that it belonged to the Emperor of Japan of that era (in this case, Emperor Hirohito or Emperor Showa).
  • Although he is the main antagonist of the film, General Miura is more honorable and less sadistic than his subordinate Colonel Sato.
  • He is arguably the weakest main antagonist in the series as Ip struggles the least when fighting him.
  • Interestingly, he has many similarities to another great villain from the martial arts films, General Fujita (Billy Chow), from the 1994 film Fist of Legend.
    • Both were members of the high ranking of the Imperial Japanese Army (Both were Generals).
    • Both were the leaders of the invasions of China by the Imperial Japanese Army in their respective films (General Fujita led the invasion of Shanghai while General Miura led the invasion of Foshan).
    • Both are the antagonists of their respective films (General Fujita for Fist of Legend and General Miura for Ip Man)
    • Both were accomplished martial artists (General Fujita was a master in martial arts and General Miura was a karate master)
    • Both were nemesis of legendary martial arts figures (General Fujita was an enemy of Chen Zhen, protagonist of Fist of Legend and disciple of the legendary martial arts master Huo Yuanjia. General Miura on the other hand wanted to face Ip Man to prove how much superior Japan was to China in the martial arts).
    • Both were played by actors who are also martial artists (General Fujita was portrayed by Billy Chow, who is the former WKA world kickboxing champion and is a keen Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay thai practitioner. General Miura on the other hand was portrayed by Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, who is a black belt in judo).
      • The biggest difference between Fujita and Miura is that unlike Fujita (who attacked even his own Japanese countrymen), Miura shows honor before the film's protagonist, Ip Man


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