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Villain Overview

The age of OMEN has begun!
~ Morando about to launch OMENs into Akiridion-5.
I will destroy everything you love!
~ General Morando's most famous quote as he attacked Krel in his biggest fear.
The delson has finally come. Ever since Seklos destroyed Gaylen, the universe descended into chaos. It craves order, a firm hand to rule it. I will be that hand. I will be the god the galaxy has lacked!
~ Morando about what he wants to do with Gaylen's Core.

Val Morando, or better known as General Morando, is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Gunmar) of the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing as a background antagonist of the first installment Trollhunters, the main antagonist of the second installment 3Below and a posthumous antagonist in the third installment Wizards. He also appears in the novel Arcadia-Con and is mentioned in the video game Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia.

He is the General of the Taylon Phalanx who was exiled from his home planet, Akiridion-5, for his treachery against House Tarron, and in turn, returned and took over the planet through a coop. He is also the one in charge of the bounty hunters who are raiding through the galaxy in order to hunt the royals, Aja and Krel Tarron, as well as the mastermind behind the death of the family of Varvatos Vex. After discovering that the legend of Seklos and Gaylen is true, Morando sets off to find and merge with Gaylen's Core to remold the universe as he sees fit. He is also the archenemy of House Tarron.

He was voiced by Alon Abutbul, who also played Aamir Barkawi in London Has Fallen.

Physical Appearance

General Morando is an alien with four eyes, three fingers on each hand, and blue skin, and he also appears to have two large horns on his head. His armor is a darker blue and has neon-blue highlights. He also has a transparent cape.

In his empowered form, he becomes a giant, the blue lights on his armor turn red, and his skin becomes dark, as well as his cape being replaced by Gaylen's wings. He has also two blasters on each of his arms.


I'm getting reports that this Morando fella is working on something… strange. This arrangement you made with him kinda seems like a deal with the… Devil.
~ Sergeant Costas warning Colonel Kubritz about Morando to no avail.

General Morando was a cruel, repulsive, and overall vile dictator who cared about no one but himself. He was a power-hungry individual who committed high treason against House Tarron and the entire planet of Akiridion-5, simply because he wanted to rule over the entire planet as its new king, as he wants to establish his own order and law upon it. During his rule, everyone is living under his fear, and no one adores or even likes him for what he's done.

He is also a manipulator who is excellent at lying, as he lied to Varvatos Vex that if the latter lowers the shields of Akiridion-5, then he would not harm anyone, even though he forced the Akiridions under his rule upon his return. After learning of Gaylen's Core, he contacts Colonel Kubritz and lies to her that he will help her rid the Earth of all extraterrestrial lifeforms. Even though Sergeant Costas warned Kubritz that Morando couldn't be trusted, she foolishly trusted him anyway, even though there were clear indications that Costas was right, such as when Morando murdered Tronos Madu for betraying him, even though Morando himself betrayed House Tarron. Because of Morando's lies, Kubritz realized too late that she should've never trusted Morando once she saw him imbued with Gaylen's Core, even though he previously promised to insert it into her new armor.

However, the thing that made Morando more dangerous is how many innocents he was willing to kill. He was willing to harm children, as shown when he sent his bounty hunters to kill the Royals, including Aja and Krel Tarron, even though the latter two were teenage Royal Akiridions, and one of the soldiers of the Taylon Phalanx, which Morando leads and controls, threatens a young Akiridion child that if she prays for House Tarron's safety, then she will be harmed. Before Morando arrived on Earth, he hurled a giant asteroid the size of Arcadia to destroy the town and the entire Western Seaboard with Kubritz aware of it, even though he claimed that it was a necessary diversion to distract the Royals from his arrival. This heavily implies that he was willing to kill millions of lives just to do so, as well as getting Gaylen's Core as his own. When he arrived at the Mothership, he despicably used his vessel's lasers to splatter an innocent extraterrestrial animal named Buster to his death just because he "never liked bugs", even though Buster was a friendly and playful creature who did nothing wrong.

Morando also held a god complex as he required that the Akiridions worship him instead of praying that the Royals would return. His own views as a god increased when he merged with Gaylen's Core and gained the power to create and destroy planets, and became even worse by desiring to destroy the entire universe and recreate it in his own image. When he merged with it and became a giant monster, he immediately proceeded to attack Arcadia and everyone there. When he saw Tobias Domzalski, he told him to surrender the Tarrons to him, but later tries to kill Toby anyway with his giant red laser, and when Kubritz berated him for being untrustworthy, Morando didn't even care as he viewed himself as a god because he gained immense power, and proceeded to blast her to her death. However, his belief that he alone was unstoppable ultimately led to his own demise, as Aja and Krel used Seklos's Cannon to disintegrate him quickly and swiftly, which was equal to all the horrific acts he has committed.

Powers and Abilities

He's too strong for us. He's stronger than Morgana.
~ Toby comparing Morando's strength to Morgana's after he is integrated with Gaylen's Core.

General Morando was a dangerous Akiridion with precise skills and tactics. He is difficult to get away from, as he can command his forces with ease. After integrating himself with Gaylen's Core, he becomes a giant monster who is even stronger than Morgana herself, the latter of whom is an evil witch.


  • Invulnerability: Morando could withstand several blasts which would kill a human easily.
  • Enhanced Longevity: Being an Akiridion, Morando can live for at least a hundred years.
  • Enhanced Strength: Morando was physically strong, as shown when he was able to crush the life core of one of his soldiers by using his hand, and when he ripped off one of his OMENs' heads out of fury. After gaining Gaylen's Core, he becomes stronger than Morgana, which Toby points out in the final battle against Morando.
  • Gaylen's Core: After merging with Gaylen's Core, Morando gained new features, such as:
    • Ionikinesis: Morando was able to create massive energy blasts without using a serrator.
    • Force Shield: Morando was able to use his force shield to defeat an entire Akiridion fleet.
    • Creation/Destruction: Morando was able to create and destroy planets at his will, and he even believed that he could remake the universe in his own image. However, he was destroyed by Seklos's Cannon before he could do this.


  • Manipulation: Morando knew that he had to manipulate Varvatos into lowering the shields by having the Zeron Brotherhood murder his family. It turns out that he is also a skilled liar, as he was able to get his lies to manipulate Varvatos and Kubritz into doing what he wants, and he doesn't have to come up with a lie quickly as he makes them beforehand.
  • Intelligence: Morando is also shown to be incredibly smart based on his planning skills, military tactics, and technological prowess. He is also a very quick and sly thinker in battle and discussion.
  • Swordsmanship: Morando was skilled at using his red serrator to fight his opponents.
  • Intimidation: His physical appearance (including his height) are shown to cause uneasiness in individuals when he is present i.e. Loth, his Taylon soldiers, and many Akiridions working with or near him.


Appearances in the Franchise

TV Series


Part 1
  • "Terra Incognita Part One"
  • "Terra Incognita Part Two"
  • "Mind Over Matter" (mentioned)
  • "Beetle Mania"
  • "Collision Course"
  • "Flying the Coop"
  • "Lightning in a Bottle"
  • "Truth Be Told"
  • "Last Night on Earth"
  • "Bad Omen"
Part 2
  • "Moving Day" (mentioned)
  • "Moonlight Run" (cameo)
  • "Dogfight Days of Summer"
  • "Mother's Day"
  • "Ill Gotten Gains"
  • "There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)"
  • "Asteroid Rage"
  • "Luug's Day Out"
  • "The Fall of House Tarron"
  • "The Big Sleep"
  • "Race to Trollmarket"
  • "A Glorious End, Part One"
  • "A Glorious End, Part Two"


  • "Spellbound" (mentioned)


  • Arcadia-Con

Video Games

  • Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia (mentioned)


I have returned from exile to take what's rightfully mine!
~ Morando arriving to take over Akiridion-5.
You cannot win, Royals! Surrender to me.
~ Morando telling the Royals to surrender.
~ Morando to King Fialkov as he invades Akiridion-5.
~ Morando telling his soldiers to fire at the Royals.
Vex, lower the shield! (turns to his soldiers) He has taken the royal cores! Stop him!
~ Morando as Varvatos carries the King and Queen's cores to safety.
Vex! You fool!
~ Morando berating Varvatos as he and the Royals escape to the Mothership.
V-Striker squadron! Engage the Mothership. Destroy them all.
~ Morando ordering his fleet to pursue House Tarron.
Is it? from their perspective, it’s treason not to stand with me.
~ Morando saying that he has complete control over the Taylon Phalanx.
Assemble the bounty hunters.
~ Morando about to send bounty hunters to find the Royals.
Any more delays, and I will show you the true meaning of difficult.
~ Morando threatens Loth Saborian.
We have their location: a planet called… 'Ooo-rth'.
~ Morando discovering that the Tarrons are located in planet Earth.
If you destroy OMEN, you destroy Mama and Papa.
~ Morando taunting Aja that if the OMEN is destroyed, so are the cores of the King and Queen.
Set course for planet "Uuurrtthh".
~ Morando ordering his fleet to go to Earth.
Adorable. You called for your pet. I never liked bugs!
~ Morando before murdering Buster.
Oh, so you heard about that? What can I say, old friend? You have a keen mind for battle, but are a soolian in every other respect. Lay down your weapon, Varvatos. Kneel before your rightful king.
~ Morando taunting Varvatos about the fact that he hired the Zeron Brotherhood to kill his family.
Why settle for being a king, when you can be a GOD instead?
~ Morando while chasing Aja and Krel inside the Totality.
You call yourself honorable? You betrayed your old king. Now, you stand against your new one!
~ Morando hypocritically accusing Varvatos of being dishonorable by betraying King Fialkov, even though he betrayed him himself.
You couldn't stop me before! You can't stop me now!
~ Morando taunting Krel in a vision of the latter's biggest fear.
Finally. With this, I shall remake the universe.
~ Morando planning to use Gaylen's Core to destroy and remake the universe for himself.
Out of my way!
~ Morando as he tosses Krel.
You're just a girl!
~ Morando berating Aja.
Morando: Do it!
(The OMENs destroy the crystal encasing Gaylen's Core.)
Kubritz: My scientists say it will take several hours.
Morando: Then we shall begin at once. While I'm transforming, take the Tarrons into custody. Their cores are the first I want to devour. Soon, the whole universe will tremble before
~ Morando at the beginning of his transformation process while being integrated with Geylen's Core.
Surrender the Tarrons to me!
~ Morando to Toby before attempting to kill him.
You think I care? I'm a god!
~ Morando boasting about himself being a god after Kubritz redeems herself.
~ Morando's last words before his death.


  • His full name, Val Morando, is mentioned in the first episode of 3Below, "Terra Incognita Part One".
  • Despite Morando upgrading the Mothership before his exile from Akiridion-5, he doesn't care for her in the present as he tries to kill her when she aids the Royals in escaping from Morando.
    • Also despite being an Akiridion with neon-blue highlights, Morando's signature color is red, as his weapons and technology are all red-colored. This continues further after Morando merges with Gaylen's Core, where his neon-blue highlights turn red as well.
  • Morando appears to speak in a unique hybrid accent, as his actor, Alon Abutbul, is an Isreali with Egyptian and French-Algerian ancestry.
  • He pronounces the word "Earth" wrong, as he calls it, "Uuurrtthh".

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