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General Ramon Esperanza is the overarching antagonist of the 1990 action film Die Hard 2. He is a notorious drug lord and the dictatorial ruler of the Republic of Val Verde.

He was portrayed by Franco Nero.


Esperanza is the corrupt leader of the Republic of Val Verde. During his fight against Communism, he went into the most notorious business of all, cocaine smuggling. Although he was overthrown as Val Verde's President, he was not to be extradited until sometime later. That is what Colonel Stuart heard over the TV. On his flight Foreign Military 1, Esperanza asked for a light from his guard. Then later on, kills his guard by strangling him with his handcuff chains. He then takes over the flight called "Foxtrot Michael 1" by Dulles Tower. He first kills the pilots then radios Stuart he will make a crash landing on a runway of his own choosing. John McClane encounters him first after landing but before the cop could arrest him, Stuart arrives to collect him then kill McClane. When the getaway plane was readied, Esperanza was the designated pilot for Stuart to fly to someplace peaceful where the law won't find them. However, McClane makes it onto the plane and causes a large fuel leak, then ignites it with his lighter which blows up the plane with Esperanza and everyone else still inside.


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