General Schwarz is a member of the Evil Army Shadow Line, who serves as its military leader.


Unlike the other leading members of the Shadow Line, Schwarz is obsessed with creating the Shadow Ressha forces to take over the Rainbow Line. Schwarz's ideals were shared by his former friend Zaram before he left the Shadow Line. Most of the time, Schwarz is helped by Miss Glitta who secretly loved him. Though Schwarz learned of Glitta's feelings for him, he tells her that he will return her feelings when the time comes. Soon after, using Hammer Shadow, Schwarz secretly a large amount of darkness for his personal ambition before seeing Zaram become ToQ 6gou. Soon after, his secret activities known to his leader, Schwarz is attacked by Emperor Z as a warning to not act behind his back again.

Later, when Glitta attempts to talk him into leaving the Shadow Line with her after revealing what her mother wants to do during the wedding, Schwarz deliberately sells her out to Emperor Z so he can declare an all-out attack after Glitta devours him. But it resulted in his defeat by the ToQgers as he watched Emperor Z consume Glitta from the inside before being knocked by the villain into the river to drown. But Schwarz survived and repaired his Kurainer to begin his plan to kill the emperor by tricking the ToQgers in believing he is on their side to steal the Drill Ressha he gave Akira.

However, when Schwarz goes head-to-head with Emperor Z, he demands Miss Glitta be released from Z's grasp, only to be killed by the traitorous Emperor, admitting that he (Schwarz) cannot defeat the Emperor, but vice versa (Z cannot defeat Schwarz), before disappearing into darkness and dying for good.


His Japanese voice actor also voiced Scar and Hector Barbossa.

His name is German for "black."

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