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General Thomas Spears is a main antagonist of the comic book miniseries Aliens: Nightmare Asylum.


Nightmare Asylum

Creating his own bio-weapon division, Spears started his secret experiments on the Xenomorphs after the invasion of Earth. His plan was to turn a hive of Xenomorphs into obedient soldiers to use against the ones on Earth. He set his base of operations near a hive, experimenting on the Xenomorphs in order to control their behaviour, often using colonialists as guinea pigs. He was Vicious and cruel in punishing his men and the alien drones who failed the experiments. Tired of seeing her drones being killed by Spears, the Queen started pretending to become obedient to the General.

Spear's dreams of glory died when he attempted to command the Xenomorphs to attack their kin on Earth, only for them to turn on him. He manages to defend himself from the drones as he realizes he has been duped by the queen right before receiving an headbite from her, killing him.



He is an insane member of the Colonial Marines Corps who was in charge of a project to turn a hive of Xenomorphs into a loyal fighting force to reclaim the Earth, which was taken over by Xenomorphs.

Spears was an artificially engineered human born in a synthethic womb, as part of a project by the Colonial Marines Corps. Spears resented being an artificial human as he was bullied during his childhood, which led him to eventually develop a fascination with the Xenomorphs and their way of breeding. However, he showed to be mentally unstable as he coldly killed a bully with a knife.

Spears proved himself to be a talented and promising marine throughout his teenage years and managed to be get the rank of General.



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