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General Tenpou is the highest of the Gorma Senate, serving as the right-hand of Gorma Emperor XV himself, and a major antagonist in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.


After Akomaru was abandoned by Shadam, Tenpou adopted him and raised the boy himself, with Akomaru eventually coming to occupy a position in the Gorma higher than his father.

General Tenpou first appeared accompanying Akomaru as the two arrived during the Dairangers' battle against the Three Ladies of Hell. Tenpou entrusted Akomaru to prevent the birth of Kibaranger, though Zydos and Gara expressed skepticism over whether Akomaru was fit to handle the job. However, Tenpou stated that the Gorma Senate had decided that Akomaru was skilled enough to perform the task before departing.

Later, General Tenpou met with the Gorma Triumvirate in his palace after they continued to act out of line and reminded them that they were ordered to defer in favor of Akomaru. However, Shadam contested Tenpou's statement, declaring that they were the ones entrusted by the empire to spearhead the invasion. Their argument was then interrupted when the two were summoned to appear before the Gorma Emperor.

General Tenpou later appeared to announce the rules of the battle between Master Kaku and Lieutenant Colonel Shadam to decide who would become the next Gorma Emperor, Gorma XV.

Right before the battle began, Tenpou walked in on the Emperor and discovered Shadam doing something to him with a clay hand, only to be quickly killed by Shadam for seeing too much.


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