General Tragg is the leader of Krangs' loyal Rocksoldiers from Dimension X.


1987 series

In the 1987 cartoon, Tragg (voiced by Peter Renaday) come following the Neutrinos through the Dimension Portal. After a small skirmish with the Turtles, the Neutrinos trams up with them and Michelangelo and Donatello send both Tragg and his right hand Sergeant Granitor back through the Portal and to their own Dimension. Tragg would make further Appearances in the Sewer untileight Season finale"Turtle Trek." A "Turtle Trek" ended with the Technodrome stranded in Dimension X it can be assumed Tragg is still in Dimension X somewhere.

IDW Comic

In the IDW cartoon, he is called "Captain Tragg" and helped Krang in trying to Conquer the HomePlanet of the Neutrinos and completeley escpaes after a Battlein which the end Rocket from Professor Honeycutt put all of the Weapons of Krangs forces out of Action.

Archie Comics

He appeared in Archie Comics arcade game, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Back from the Sewers.

2012 series

In the 2012 cartoon, Tragg is a 20ft lava-spewing rock monster with regenerating abilities, who is in "Servive to the Kraang". He first appeared in "TCRI" where he has brough by the Kraang through a Portal that connect TCRI to Dimension. He proved to be a Challenge to the Turtles, so Leatherhead ended up dragging him through the Portal back to Dimension X.

In "Showdown" Tragg was seen guarding the Portal where the Krang upgraded it with a force Shield. When the Turtles tries to destroy it, they drew the attention of him and the Kraang, so Leonardo used the Laser to desintergrate Tragg. In into Dimension X." Tragg teamed up with Granitor to attack the Turtles near the Kraang´s facility in Dimension X. However,they were both defeated by Michelangelo Service siut when he used his voice to break apart of the Cliff both ruch Monsters were on.


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