I really love kids. They break so easily.
~ General White

General White is one of the three high-ranked officers of the Red Ribbon Army, along with General Blue and General Copper. He's a supporting antagonist of the Red Ribbon Army Saga of the original Dragon Ball series.

He was voiced by Kyle Hebert.


General White is the overreactive Russian in charge of the Muscle Tower. He likes drinking vodka and bursting into laughter. While Colonel Silver was looking for one of the Dragon Balls, he kidnapped the mayor of the nearby village to force it's people into telling him where they were keeping one of the balls.

Soon after, he received a call from Silver, alerting that a very strong kid would come after him. It would not take long for Goku to attack the tower, so White prepared himself, setting some traps inside the tower and leaving his soldiers to watch the outside. Goku finally arrived, so White first sent Sergeant Metallic to fight him, but Goku won because the giant robot stopped due to his batteries becoming empty.

He then sent Murasaki the ninja to fight Goku, who was defeated as well. Goku, now with the help of Android 8, whom he named Eighter, continued climbing the tower. White tried to stop them by using a series of closing doors, but they managed to break on, reaching the control room. White then activated a trap, making the two fall into a room where he kept the monster Buyon to eat them. Goku defeated Buyon and faced White, who tried to punch him, only to be knocked out by Goku.

In a final attempt to stop Goku, he released the mayor, then taking him hostage with a gun. After some discussion with 8, he says he'll let the chief go if 8 kills Goku. If not, he will kill the chief and Goku. When Goku turns his back, White shoots at him, but Eighter deflects the bullet and kills White with a punch, making him to fly out of the tower.


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