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We are the true form of Black Ghost and yet we are not. We are merely one cell in a network of evil throughout the universe. This network can't be destroyed so Black Ghost is eternal.
~ The Generalissimo explaining what they are.
Our true form is the darkness that lives in the hearts of all humans. You think you're the one exception that represents all that is good? All humans are evil from the moment they are born. And that's why they fight each other! They battle over religion, land and money. Every war originates from this inherent greed and evil. As for you, you enjoy fighting your enemies, so that makes you as responsible for this epidemic as anyone. As long as humans exist, so too will evil.
~ The Generalissimo talking to 009.

The Generalissimo, also referred to as the Emperor or the Demon God, are a trio of brains residing in the Demon Statue and the true leaders of Black Ghost. Their origin is unknown, but they claim to be the result of "bio-cell technology" and a representation of the evil in the hearts of humankind. The center brain has the voice of a man, the brain to the left has the voice of a woman, and the brain to the right has the voice of a child. They are the overarching antagonists of the Cyborg 009 series.

In the 2001 anime, the male brain is voiced by the late Kenji Utsumi (who also voiced Alien Empera), the female brain is voiced by the late Ryōko Kinomiya and the child brain is voiced by Yusho Uemara. In the English dub, the brains are respectively voiced by Jamieson Price, Mari Devon and Barbara Goodson. In their (brief) flashback appearance in Cyborg 009: Call of Justice, they were all voiced by Shozo Iizuka, who also voiced numerous Toku villains.


When 009 boarded the Demon Statue, the center brain notified Skull of the intruder, prompting Skull to go deal with the 00 cyborg.

While fighting 009, Skull decided to show 009 the "true form of Black Ghost", and revealed to him that the three brains were the true leaders of Black Ghost. When Skull attempted to use his ultimate attack against 009, the Generalissimo canceled it out and executed Skull for almost destroying them.

They attempted to kill 009 too, but he moves out of the way of their electricity blasts. 009 tried to shoot the brains, but his blasts are blocked by a forcefield. The brains then armed all of their weapons across the globe, setting the stage for another world war. The brains mock 009, declaring themselves to be the embodiment of the evils of mankind and that they represent only a small component in a Black Ghost network that spans across the universe.

009 then began blasting the interior of the statue, eventually destroying the machine generating the forcefield and blowing up the statue. However, as the interior of the statue collapses, the brains deliver one last taunt to 009 and state that the Black Ghost organization is universal and that they are just the leaders of the Earth branch of Black Ghost, as well as that Black Ghost will exist as long there's evil in men's heart. The Demon Statue then exploded, presumably destroying the brains and blasting 009 out into space.

Appearances in other Media

Cyborg 009: Monster Wars

The Generalissimo don't appear in the 1966 Cyborg 009 movie however in its 1967 sequel, the Black Ghost Leader takes up an appearance similar to the Demon God Statue.

SF Roman

The Generalissimo appear as the main antagonists in the Cyborg 009 SF Roman light novel. In the novel they are renamed "Ares".

Mega-CD Game

The Generalissimo appear as the final boss in the 1993 Cyborg 009 game for the Sega Mega-CD.

Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman

The Demon Statue and Skull make a cameo in a post credits scene in the final OVA when Cyborg 001 warns of an "evil spirit" approaching, foreshadowing the events of the "Underground Empire of Yomi" arc.

Cyborg 009: Call of Justice

The Generalissimo makes a brief appearance in a flashback when the 00 Cyborgs recount their final battle against Black Ghost to Lucy Davenport.




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