Genevieve Holt

Genevieve Holt

You have ruined lives, Mrs. Holt. Furthermore, what you did has now manifested itself as a malevolent presence which threatens still more lives! You have a great deal to answer for.
~ Rupert Giles to Mrs. Holt

Genevieve Holt was the former director of the Lowell Home for Children, a home for orphan adolescents that ran between 1949 and 1960, and the true antagonist of the Buffy episode "Where The Wild Things Are" - although seemingly a harmless old woman who professed to care for the children under her former care she is the one responsible for the unhappy haunting of the home and the subsequent sex-crazed antics of the disturbed spirits.

During their lives the ghosts had been horribly abused by Holt, who would punish the children severely for any kind of sexual exploration (despite it being a natural part of growing up) - shaving the hair of girls she felt were "too vain" and "baptizing" those she saw as "dirty" by forcing their heads under water in bathtubs.

As a result when the children eventually passed on their spirits retained frustration and lashed out, trying to experience what Holt had always denied them in life - possessing Buffy and Riley to act as their vessels and forcing the group to perform an exorcism to cleanse the home.

Despite her horrible actions, Holt was not convicted of any crimes and even won an award for her care of the children, though Giles was sure to at least give the woman a verbal beatdown as he blamed her for everything that happened in the home and for the haunting.

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