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Javier: Alright. We got an ex-Triad member, looking for work.
Chris: Easy! "Genghis Carnage"! Come on!
Javier: You gotta quit with the racist stereotypes, Chris.
~ Javier and Chris hiring mercenaries for his "supervillain" team.

Genghis Carnage is an ex-Triad gang member and one of the many criminals that join Chris D'Amico's evil army of "supervillains" known as the Toxic-Mega Cunts. Their sole aim is to kill Kick-Ass and all other superheroes as well as to terrorize/take over New York City and a supporting antagonist in Kick-Ass 2.

He was portrayed by Tom Wu.


After Genghis Carnage is recruited by D'Amico's bodyguard Javier, he becomes one of the top members of the Toxic-Mega Cunts. Carnage along with Black Death, The Tumor and Mother Russia escort The Mother Fucker to the hideout of Justice Forever leader Colonel Stars and Stripes. He watches as Mother Russia brutally kills the Colonel and then, presumably, carries out The Mother Fucker's orders to decapitate and defile the hero's body.

He is later seen following his boss and the rest of the Mega- Cunts to the house of Kick-Ass's love interest and fellow superhero Night Bitch. He is seen waiting outside as The Mother Fucker and The Tumor attempt to rape Night Bitch when he notices the cops have been called and show up in force. Carnage tells Black Death to stand back and let Mother Russia deal with the Police as she is the highest paid and most skilled of all the hired villains. Both men sit and watch as the villainess mercilessly slaughters all responding Police officers.

Genghis Carnage's Comic promo in Kick-Ass 2

Later after The Mother Fucker has Kick-Ass's dad murdered in prison, he along with The Tumor and several other henchman crash the funeral by kidnapping Kick-Ass and firing on all present with machine guns and a grenade launcher used by Carnage himself. Once on the road with the unmasked hero Carnage prepares to torture kick-Ass with a knife for information regarding the rest of his team, Justice Forever, however Hit-Girl arrives just in time and assaults the moving van they are in. Before Genghis Carnage can put his blade to Kick-Ass he is shot through the top of the head by Hit-Girl which kills him instantly.


  • His name is based on two villains, the first is Genghis Khan  and Marvel's villain Carnage. He and Carnage share similar personality, both sadistic, both criminals and embraced the thrill of killing their enemies.
  • Genghis Carnage is based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles's Shredder


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