The Genie is a demonic ghost who was imprisoned in a lamp with his siblings.


The Genie is freed when Janine is given the lamp as payment for capturing a ghost and offers to grant her three wishes. Janine doesn't believe him until she carelessly wishes to be the boss of the Ghostbusters. Her wish is granted and she then wishes Egon would go crazy over everything she did. However, when the Genie was freed, this allowed him to free his brothers and sisters. Janine attempted to make her third and final wish to be that the ghosts were gone, but the Genie then revealed himself to be one of the ghosts. He was defeated when the lamp was used in a reverse way, acting like a powerful ghost trap and sucking in all the ghosts. At this point, the Genie's true form was revealed, that of a pig-like creature. After the Genie and his siblings were sucked in, the lamp exploded.