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Genitor Sub-Titan or simply known as Genitor is a fish-like kaiju that first appeared in the MonsterVerse comic, Godzilla Dominion.


Godzilla: Dominion

When Godzilla finds a gap in his old lair, opened by the detonation of the bomb, he is surrounded by a gigantic swarm of Hollow Earth fish that seem to share a hive mind, suddenly Genitor emerges from the gap and bites Godzilla on the neck, making him bleed. Godzilla quickly retaliates by brutally snapping the creature in half, breaking its entire skeleton and killing it instantly, while also destroying the hive mind.


Genitor greatly resembles a Dunkleosteus. Its body is blue and it has red fins with two arms ending in claws. Its massive inner bony plates jut outwards from its jaws.

Powers and Abilities


  • TBA.


  • Fragility: Genitor's body lacked armor, making it extremely fragile and was easily killed by Godzilla.


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