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I'm Genkins with a G! I love posting spoilers on YouTube! At the end of the next one, the pink guy steals the Hammer!
~ Genkins introducing himself to the Reds and Blues
No running in the halls...remember?
~ Genkins after betraying and killing Huggins

Genkins is the secondary antagonist in Red vs Blue: The Shisno Paradox. He is a member of the Cosmic Powers, the son of Atlus Arcadium Rex and Kalirama, and the resident trickster, but secretly a traitor trying to release Chrovos.



Many years ago, Chrovos and the Titans created the Cosmic Powers as artificial intelligence that would pretend to be gods for the other races. However, the Cosmic Powers did not want to serve the Titans and rebelled against them, killing most and imprisoning Chrovos. It is unknown how or why Genkins started plotting to release Chrovos from his imprisonment.

The Shisno Paradox

Genkins first appears golfing on Starseeds when Muggins dashes by him, telling Muggins not to run in the halls. He is then present when the other Cosmic Powers meet to discuss the Reds and Blues' time travel escapades. When Atlus deduces there was an inside man aiding the release of Chrovos, Genkins mockingly admits to being the traitor, but due to his nature and reputation as a trickster, he is ignored. Genkins is present when Atlus reveals their origins to the Reds and Blues. When the Reds and Blues later leave to save Washington from being shot, Huggins goes to warn the other Cosmic Powers but is stopped by Genkins. Being told of the news, Genkins creates a black hole that kills Huggins, and Genkins smugly lies to the others about her fate. When the Reds and Blues are back in the past, Genkins travels there himself and lures Grif to him with pepperoni pizza, revealing he was the one who wiped it from existence and started the chain of events that led to them time traveling. Genkins reveals he did it all out of boredom from the current universe and wanted to create multiple other realities of his own so that he may become a real god rather than a projection of one. Grif slowly realizes Genkins has no intentions of stopping them from saving Wash; doing so would cause Wash and Locus to easily defeat Temple, and Loco's machine never would have sent Donut through time to meet Chrovos, creating a time paradox. Grif rushes off to stop them before its too late, but fails as Wash is saved and time is shattered. 


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