Genra is from the Dead or Alive video game series. He serves as the main villain in Dead or Alive 3.

He was voiced on Japanese by Osamu Saka. While on English by Andrew Kishino.



Genra was originally the master of the Hajinmon sect in the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan. He was one of the strongest people next to the leader, Shiden. They ruled the clan's village. However, Genra secretly planned to overthrow Shiden.

Raising Ayanne

Genra adopted Ayanne when she was shunned for being the illegitimate child of an exiled ninja. He took her into his care and raised her like she was his daughter. They formed a bond that became stronger as Ayanne grew older. This was only part of Genra's plot to become the new leader of the clan. Ayanne was completely unaware of her step father's intention.


Kasumi A invaded the village and abducted Hayate. During the same time, Genra summoned Bankotsubo. Ryu Hayabusa sensed the Tengu's presence and killed it. Genra revealed himself as the person responsible for summoning Bankotsubo. Genra also revealed his allegiance with DOATEC. Before Genra left, he hypnotized Ayanne to fight Ryu and Hayate. She managed to break free from the spell.


Genra went to weapons development department at DOATEC. He allowed himself to undergo experimentation. His genes were changed and he became a powerful super human weapon entitled Omega. The third Dead or Alive tournament was an opportunity for him to test his new strength and abilities.


Ayane, Hayate, and Hayabusa planned to destroy Omega. Ayanne confronted Omega in an alternate reality that he created. Despite Omega's large power, he was defeated. Ayanne cremated his body in a pile of burning ashes similar to a funeral. She kept Genra's mask. It was her memento of the person who raised her.


Genra seems to be an honorable person. When he noticed Ayane was introverted, he felt sorry for her and raised her. This was merely a facade. Genra's actual persona is a manipulative and power hungry man. He is willing to use anything or anyone to get what he wants.

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